Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 200

What are the best wireless noise canceling headphones under 200? Let Headphonesay discover the top line of top quality wireless headphones, helping to bring the perfect music experience to the listener.

The following table has listed best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200 currently, you can buy right now:

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200
best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200
best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200
best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200
best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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On the market today there are many lines of wireless Bluetooth headsets, how to choose the headset that best suits the needs of use. Here are the notes to know to choose a good headset, suitable for all uses.

Reviews Of Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 200

Sony WH-H900N

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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Sony WH-H900N owns a quality box, no less than high-end products with 2 separate box layers, both providing information for users and ensuring the safety of the headset. Inside the box, we will have a Sony WH-H900N, a charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and an additional fabric bag to help you carry the headset anywhere.


The Sony WH-H900N has a much more youthful and modern design, it follows the design of the WH-1000X but gives a more compact size as well as a bit more prominent than its tall brother. his level. The Sony WH-H900N is a harmonious combination of lines, strong beveled edges as well as sturdy cut corners, providing a perfect harmony for the headset.


The connection on the Sony WH-H900N is a Bluetooth connection with the LDAC codec standard so you can fully experience high-quality sound right on a wireless headset product, besides you also have NFC connectivity, it This will make the connection even better.


The highlight on the Sony WH-H900N is still the active noise cancellation of the headset, with this feature, you have many different noise cancellation modes to choose from to help optimize the best for the use process. In particular, you also have a quick attention feature with your hand on the right earcup to be able to hear the sound from the outside environment louder and clearer.


best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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The N60NC is a pair of On-ear headphones, which means that it still hugs the ear but is small enough to listen anytime, anywhere. The headset is finished in plastic, but made on a metal frame, so it is very solid, does not feel loose.


And of course we have 2 ports to connect to music and micro USB charging. N60NC does not have any waterproof standards, so the company does not bother to add a rubber door for this product.


N60NC is the first pair of On-ear headphones AKG equipped with active noise cancellation technology. And through practical experience, this feature works very effectively. The foam cushion of the headset hugs the listener’s ear, so the passive noise cancellation is quite good, and if I turn on the active noise cancellation, I do not hesitate to wear the headset on the street.


But the N60NC has a drawback that it can’t control the level of noise cancellation, which the new pairs of Sony headphones can do. Therefore, in places with low noise, users still have to turn on noise cancellation at the highest level, which can cause mild tinnitus if listening for a long time.


As a user and lover of AKG headphones, I am too familiar with the company’s signature sound pattern. K612 Pro, K701 or K501 all have clean, airy and light sound quality, very suitable for light and lyrical Jazz, Ballad music.

Philips PH805

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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The next recommendation in the best wireless noise canceling headphones under 200 is the PH805 model, which also uses the same touch control system on the ear-cups as the models from Sony and Bose.


Battery life up to 30 hours of continuous use with fast charging via USB-C port. No worries about running out of battery, thanks to the 3.5mm plug.


Inside the headset is a 40mm diameter driver with a frequency response range from 5Hz to 40kHz that meets Hi-Res standards. The product will also support voice control with the built-in Google Assistant virtual assistant. The earpad uses memory foam material for comfortable wearing and good passive sound insulation.


The Philips PH805 model also weighs in at just 235g, touted as one of the lightest active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones on the market today. The headset can be easily folded into the included carrying case.

Bose QC25

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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This Bose QC25 headset has a fairly compact design. The earcups can be rotated to fit your ears. The headband fits snugly to your head with padding for a more comfortable wearing experience. The product gives you 2 choices that are black and white.


Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones will reproduce sound in the clearest and most realistic way. You can easily feel each syllable in each piece of music.


The Bose QC25 headphones let you focus on the things that matter, like music, movies, and videos. Headphones are capable of reducing the noise you do not want to hear. Like a noisy street. Noise in the cabin of an airplane. Or a busy office. Our advanced noise reduction technology and special electrical engineering make it a reality. The earpads even give you extra quiet by blocking some of the sounds from the outside world.


best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200

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JBL Tune 750BTNC headphones have an extremely modern and trendy design overall. The entire outer shell is made of hard plastic and has a rough surface for a good finish, the JBL logo is glossy plastic and the large size creates a highlight. Especially with a very light weight of only about 220g, it will help users wear it for a long time while watching movies or listening to music without getting tired.


The main control cluster is arranged on the right side. Users can increase/decrease volume, play/pause/switch songs, active noise canceling on/off button, two LEDs for connection status as well as ANC mode, power on/off button and mic port.


JBL Tune 750BTNC wireless headphones for powerful bass and an immersive audio experience. Active noise cancellation provides users with an immersive audio experience like never before.


JBL Tune 750BTNC for a good exterior finish, sound quality suitable for most common users and has not too fastidious ears, long battery life.

Pick For The Best

With headphones Sony – H900N you will have the most enjoyable and wonderful experience in the list of best wireless noise canceling headphones under 200. They have maximum noise cancellation effect, good sound when listening to different genres of music makes them You don’t get bored.


If you are still confused and have not chosen the right headphones in this list. Check out our much-loved article “best headphones under 200”!


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