Best wireless earbuds with long battery life

One of the things that many people care about before spending money to buy a wireless earbuds product is long battery life, because it greatly affects the experience when using.

Stemming from those needs, today headphonesay will help you solve the above problem by introducing you to the best wireless earbuds with long battery life.

Sony WI-SP510 . Sports Headset

Sony-WI-SP510- Sports-Headset

Sony WI-SP510 . Sports Headset. Photo by internet

Bluetooth 5.0 . Connection

Driver 12mm

Usage time: up to 15 hours

IPX5 . Water Resistance

The first wireless earbuds that would like to introduce to you is a product line of the Sony brand. Sony WI-SP510 can listen to music continuously for 15 hours after each full charge, if on average you only use 2 hours a day, then after 1 week you need to charge the Sony WI-SP510 battery.

With a design aimed at people who are active and often practice sports, the Sony WI-SP510 has a very specific structure.

Sony WI-SP510 is a wireless in-ear sports headset with a neckband design (Neck Band headset) and the left and right headphones all have ear hooks to hook into the ear and grip the ear more firmly, very difficult. dropped.

The left stalk has a logo, and this plastic layer is quite comfortable to hold, next to the logo is a mic hole for conversation, inside are the power and volume keys. The Type C charging port is also located on the left side of this ear.

Sony’s EXTRA BASS sound technology is brought to the WI-SP510, so in terms of bass range, the SP510 is extremely rich and the quality is not really excellent for the most demanding people, but it is enough for you to listen to exciting music. active, stimulating when exercising.

The Sony WI-SP510 headset is equipped with IPX5 water resistance standard, with this standard, a lot of sports activities that lead to sweating will not affect the headset to help you feel more secure when using it.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Bluetooth Headset


Battery life: 24h

Standby time: 6 months

Bluetooth: 4.0

Charging time: 3h

This best wireless earbuds with long battery life can listen continuously for 24 hours.

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headset is the second generation of Plantronics wireless earbuds with some small design changes compared to the previous generation 2 years ago.

In this 2nd generation, the 2 ear-cups have been changed to an oval shape instead of a round shape and feel more comfortable and beautiful to wear, and for better active noise cancellation than the old generation, but the This noise is only good but not as excellent as the top most addictive asmr examples 2021 help eliminate noise thoroughly.

Apple Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Battery life: 9 hours of use.

Apple’s H1 Chip

Lightning charging stand

Battery life: 9 hours of use

Apple Powerbeats Pro headphones are True Wireless headphones with a beautiful and compact design that are very light in weight, unlike the best classic earbuds.

The design has an over-the-ear hook for secure wearing and the speaker is not deep in the ear, making it easy to wear for a long time without pain in the ear, in addition, when you wear it, it is easy to hear external sounds.

On the headset there are physical buttons for you to increase or decrease the volume and command the headset according to your intended use.

In terms of sound quality, it is very good, warm and the high tones of the singer’s voice are very well represented.

It is also water resistant, but unfortunately Apple or Beats have not announced it, so you should not take it to shower or rain to avoid damage to the device.

Apple Powerbeats Pro uses Apple’s H1 chip, so the battery is optimized extremely well, listening continuously for 9 hours and combined with the charging box is 24 hours, with fast charging 5 minutes, listening to 90 minutes.

Hopefully with the above information, you will choose for yourself 1 best wireless earbuds with long battery life to serve your needs.


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