🥇Best Wireless Earbuds Headphonesay Under 300 In 2021

We’ve spent a lot of time chasing a variety of headphones, and here’s the latest updated list of the best wireless earbuds for you. In the past, best classic earbuds were always used by many users, after the appearance of wireless headphones, headphones gradually became more diverse. With our reviews you can find headphones with the best sound quality, background noise cancellation, good battery life and more.


To make it easy for you to make the right decision when choosing to buy, we will list the full list below. Take a few minutes to read instructions from our experts!

The following table has listed best wireless earbuds headphonesay currently, you can buy right now:

JBL Tune 225TWS best wireless earbuds headphonesay
Audio-Technica ATH-CK3TWBK best wireless earbuds headphonesay
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 best wireless earbuds headphonesay
Echo Buds best wireless earbuds headphonesay
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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Over the past two decades, we’ve been told that from portable CDs, iPods, and mp3s to smartphones we can also play music. One thing we can clearly see is that technology is gradually developing more advanced, much more complete. And the best wireless earbuds headphonesay is a prime example in this article.


Above is our quick summary, you can easily find and buy a headset with beautiful design or smart functions, high-quality sound, long battery life … without losing any effort. too much effort to search. Mostly, these headsets are trusted by a lot of people and used in recent times, you can safely use them.

Reviews Of Best Wireless Earbuds HeadphoneSay

JBL Tune 225TWS

JBL Tune 225TWS best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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A first recommendation is the JBL Tune 225TWS headset, a longtime brand that’s familiar to quite a few people. The design has similarities with Apple, different in the charging case. JBL has been successful in a series of other products such as making speakers and other high-end sound systems. They are prized for their sound quality when used for a long time.


With the right price, these headphones are not too difficult if you want to own them. It’s important that you get up to 25 hours of use with the included charging case. We are satisfied with this battery life, enough to be able to carry around while traveling. Along with a quality audio experience, the bass is emitted to each level thanks to JBL’s signature Pure Bass technology.


The JBL waterproof feature is not mentioned, however, it can resist a small amount of sweat. The material design of the headset case is premium if you hold this headset. Most do not have too many user complaints when using. The rest depends on your choice!

Audio Technica ATH-CK3TWBK

Audio-Technica ATH-CK3TWBK best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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Next in the list of best wireless earbuds headphonesay is the quite familiar Audio Technica ATH-CK3TWBK. There are many music enthusiasts who have used them and quite love this headset. They come in a variety of tip sizes so you can choose to match your own ear size. This is quite handy if your ears are small/large.


Audio Technica can charge Qi wirelessly and is renowned for its professional sound quality, signature bass, and well-controlled treble. You can experience a wide variety of music genres in your own favorite playlist without feeling any discomfort. Audio Technica’s microphone is also quite good when compared to the Aukey T10’s better thanks to Qualcomm’s cVc integration.


The battery life is relatively large, providing enough for you to use all day with the included charging box. In general, Audio Technica ATH-CK3TWBK headphones pay much attention to high-quality features when you use them, they make music enthusiasts happy.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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If you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds, try learning more about these Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 headphones. We did not find it difficult to use the headset as it supports USB-C fast charging and Qi wireless charging. Very few headphones can fully offer these charging features, which gives them a special advantage.


Battery life is up to 28 hours including the included charger and an average of 7 hours of music playback. That means you can stay comfortable all day long without worrying about running out of battery. In addition, Anker also has good waterproof and sweat resistance, you can safely use the headphones outdoors without worrying about bad weather. Considering the popularity, still popular with many people!


 Despite their many advantages, they inevitably lack Audio Passthrough. Anyway, this is not a big deal, effective noise cancellation provides a clearer audio experience. The good news is that Anker headphones are rated for sound quality far above other expensive headphones, the rest is up to you!

Echo Buds

Echo Buds best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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There may be some people asking why Echo buds are mentioned in the list of best wireless earbuds headphones? If you search for keywords on e-commerce websites, you will get suggestions for these headphones a lot, not suddenly they are mentioned so much. Because after a while Echo buds built Amazon’s credibility.


The Echo buds’ active noise cancellation didn’t disappoint us, developed by Bose. A leader in noise cancellation technology, these headphones did a better job of a headset than expected. If compared with some other expensive headphones, this technology does a lot better than headphones.


However, you cannot charge Qi wirelessly, instead, it is a Micro-USB charging port. In terms of sound quality, the Echo buds are rated with a heavy bass, which you can adjust accordingly via the iOS / Android Alexa app. In addition, this application also allows you to pair quite quickly. What an interesting headset, right?

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus best wireless earbuds headphonesay

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One more suggestion is the Samsung Galaxy Buds + headphones. We found that this upgraded version is much better. However, the price may be higher for some people. What we’re talking about is how cool they really are. Qi wireless charging headphones and standard USB-C port are considered great advantages that many other headphones do not have.


22 hours of continuous play time including the charging case and an average of 11 hours. This means you have all day long to fully enjoy your favorite music. It’s not the best battery life, but it’s enough to get you through, rich bass and great mids. We were pleasantly surprised at the sound quality that the Galaxy Buds+ provided.


If compared with other brands like LG, Samsung still does better. Unfortunately the water resistance is quite low (IPX2), you should not use them if it rains. Hopefully this will be better upgraded in the near future. Anyway, this is still considered a good choice that you should consider!

Pick For The Best

After collecting all the best wireless headphonesay come up with the above headphones for you to choose from. And hope this article can help you find the one that suits your taste. own. If you are still wondering which headphones to choose? This is our recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus.


The headset has an overall rating of sound quality, battery life, and other functions better than the rest of the headphones.


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