🥇Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2500 In 2021

Surely you’ve changed a lot of wireless headphones or are using another wired headset. The good news is that I can help you to find a best true wireless earbuds under 2500 in 2021 at this article. See more related articles here

The following table has listed the 5 best true wireless earbuds currently, you can buy right now:


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Headphones have really changed a lot in the last few years, “which are the best true wireless headphones?” It’s a question many people have. In addition to branded products like Apple, there are also many best-selling headphones that are equally good. Due to the maximum improved sound quality, longer battery life… put a strain on the competition of truly wireless headphones. There are several headphones that deliver great ASMR sound, making your experience the most enjoyable!


  Above is a list of the 5 best true wireless headphones for you that have been surveyed. To view prices and buy directly, please click on the link above.

Reviews Of The Best True Wireless Earbuds



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The JBL LIVE 300 wireless earbuds are a top priority as we add to our list of the best headphone choices. With its compact size, JBL LIVE 300 really unleashes great power for the vivid sound you’ve always expected.

The advantage of the JBL LIVE 300 wireless earbud is convenience, chatting with friends or scheduling a quick appointment with a swipe on the wireless headset that will be activated immediately. It takes up less than 4 seconds of you.

The second point is the super battery life, I understand that it will be inconvenient if your headphones run out of battery at the moment of need, right? So the JBL LIVE 300 wireless headphones give you up to 20 hours of battery life. Accompanying you to charge the headset is also a lot faster.


If you like unlimited options and you can make every call no matter where you are on the journey. Connect quickly and make calls with just one swipe then this is an option for you

TicPods 2 Pro

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TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbud with a premium design and much smoother, the appearance is quite focused, but not inferior to other wireless headphones. TicPods 2 Pro has connectivity within 10 meters, effectively dust-proof and IPX4 waterproof.

The outstanding advantage of TicPods 2 Pro is the lightness brought when worn on your ears, does not feel heavy, aching when wearing headphones for a long time, and the sensor function pauses music when you remove the headset.

The disadvantage of using it is the quickness to use for continuous calls if you are in need of work, using up to 23 hours. The rest is due to your needs.

Bose QuietComfort


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“There’s too much noise here. I need my space “. The Bose QuietComfort wireless earbuds are arguably the world’s most effective noise-canceling headphones. I can’t imagine these wireless headphones can actively suppress ambient noise and help you enjoy music and videos without distraction by any ambient noise.

The advantages of Bose QuietComfort wireless earbuds are evaluated for clear and sharp sound. If you need to hear the fullest sound in a movie, this is the perfect choice. In addition, the design helps you wear comfortably, can be worn all day without ear fatigue because the soft silicone layer has been coated on the headset. Compatible with IOS and Android.

The disadvantage is that this headset has a battery that is not too much, up to 12 hours. The rest depends on your choice.

Samsung Momentum True Wireless 2

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Samsung Momentum wireless earbuds are designed to be bold and cool for you. You can enjoy high-quality, vivid sound while enhancing the beauty these headphones bring.

The advantage of Samsung Momentum wireless earbud is that it can suppress background noise, helping you hear the tunes in the music more clearly, avoiding distractions by the surroundings. Plus, the battery life is super long, lasting up to 28 hours, so there’s no need to worry about battery life with Samsung Momentum.

The downside is the robustness of this design won’t suit some people. The rest depends on your choice.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+


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The Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless earbuds + are designed in a triangle shape. One of the best Samsung wireless Bluetooth headsets. With a compact design and extremely unique features, bring a whole new experience to you.

The advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless earbuds is that it can get you out of the background noises, so you can focus on what you want.

The advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless earbuds is that they have a long battery life, while charging time is also significantly reduced. Instead of taking 15 minutes of charging to get 100 minutes of use as before, Samsung has improved on the Galaxy Buds + that only needs 3 minutes of charging. Another very notable feature on both of these products is built-in wireless charging feature.

On the Galaxy Buds, the sound quality is rated relatively high, delivering a lively, vibrant sound tuned by AKG. Due to the in-ear design, the sound quality is clearer and sharper. Samsung’s software also has many options for tweaking the sound to best suit the user.

However, IPX2 water resistance has not really made users happy. The rest depends on your choice.

Pick For The Best

For a more objective view, we offer 2 choices for you: JBL LIVE 300 or Samsung Momentum. It is important that the sound is clear and the battery life is long enough for use. Hopefully you will get the best headphones through this article, leave a comment below if you know better headphones or share if you find useful.

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