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In this best noise canceling headphones under 200 article, you will find the best noise canceling headphones at a price that fits your wallet. For many people, this will be very important, depending on different criteria we will evaluate and test each headset.

Just looking at the name ‘noise-canceling headphones‘, we can already imagine its use. Its effect is to eliminate background sounds such as the roar of an airplane engine, the rumbling of a train or the noise on the highway…


Its principle is to use sound wave noise cancellation. There is a microphone installed in the headset that picks up the surrounding sound, and then transmits the signal to the circuit to generate sound waves through the built-in speaker. This sound wave has the same frequency but is out of phase with the sound wave from the surrounding noise, these two waves interfere with each other and the resulting noise is neutralized.

best noise cancelling headphones under 200

Are noise canceling headphones safe?

Because of placing the reverse transmitter near the ear, many people worry that it will affect people’s health like a mobile phone. However, you can rest assured that noise-cancelling headphones do not cause any harm to the body. Because the sound waves it emits are not low-level radiation like phone waves.


In another respect, noise-cancelling headphones are even very beneficial. Because noise at high or low frequencies can lead to health problems. Loud noise can damage hearing, affect sleep, increase blood pressure and cause users to often stress and have headaches.


As for low-frequency noise, a 2001 study found that people who are regularly exposed to this noise (mainly from trains and vehicles on the road) often have higher levels of the hormone cortisol than people living in quiet place, so they are more prone to stress. In 2006, another study found that people with long-term low-noise exposure had a higher rate of heart disease.

Quick Comparison: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 200

The following table has listed best noise cancelling headphones under 200 currently, you can buy right now:

best noise cancelling headphones under 200
best noise cancelling headphones under 200
best noise cancelling headphones under 200
best noise cancelling headphones under 200
best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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From affordable to high-end prices, headphones are gradually becoming an indispensable part for many people, especially students.


Understanding the needs and financial capabilities of many young people, many major headphone companies have launched good, trendy, cheap bluetooth headsets with suitable quality.


Best noise canceling headphones under 200 are neatly designed, good transmission, shaving flexibility. This is an effective solution for the needs of playing games, listening to music, watching movies, especially the need to focus on learning languages when in a noisy environment.

Reviews Of Headphones Noise Cancelling

Sony WH-H900N

best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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The first recommendation in the best noise canceling headphones under 200. The Sony WH-H900N headphones are always the focus of everyone’s attention, especially music lovers because they have outstanding features, convenience and ease of use. modern.


• About wind resistance: This line of headphones is designed with Noise Cancelation modes that can isolate sound from the outside environment, helping you to feel the sharp and vivid sound in every detail.


• About the ability to integrate with devices: The Sony WH-H900N headset has a built-in Microphone that helps you listen and receive phone calls and conversations quickly and conveniently.


• About design: This line of headphones is highly appreciated for its design with a soft leather earpad, which makes it comfortable to use, you can listen for hours without pain in your ears. In addition, the flexible folding mechanism makes it convenient to move. At the same time, the headphones with a unique design have a sliding headband – this is a new design that not all regular headphones have.


The frequency range of these headphones ranges from 5 to 40 000 Hz: a safe frequency range for the user’s ears, not causing discomfort to the eardrum. Moderate cable length: 1.2m.


Very long battery life up to 28 hours, you can listen to music all day without worrying about battery problems. This feature of the Sony WH-H900N is highly appreciated and loved by many people.


The Sony WH-H900N headphones with full colors such as: horizon blue, metallic gold, black gray, white gold, twilight red make it easy for you to choose. Moreover, with a smart, compact design, these headphones are especially suitable for sports lovers, office workers, music lovers


best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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AKG is one of the world’s oldest headphone manufacturers, alongside big players like Sennheiser and Sony. Recently, AKG has launched the first pair of wireless headphones with integrated active noise cancellation called N60NC. This is a type of headset that uses Bluetooth to connect to a music source.


They deserve to be listed in the best noise canceling headphones under 200. These AKG headphones have a compact, convenient design. With AKG N60NC Headphones, you can take it with you anywhere to enjoy the best musical moments.


AKG N60NC Headphones help you comfortably “adventure” with music without fear of being entangled by cables thanks to convenient wireless Bluetooth technology. In addition, the headset also has built-in NFC one-touch connection feature to help you quickly connect to devices that support this feature. With a high battery capacity for up to 15 hours of use even with Extra Bass enabled, you can comfortably listen to music all day without worrying about running out of battery halfway.


AKG N60NC belongs to the Extra Bass series with modern Bass Booster technology, the product is enhanced with all bass frequencies, helping to bring deep, powerful sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in a lively music space with sound. excellent bar.


The AKG N60NC headset is a modern product: compact and easy to carry, wireless music playback, active noise cancellation. Accompanied by a very deep sound quality, suitable for Dance, Pop, Rap music. AKG N60NC headphones will be the perfect choice for long trips.

Philips PH805

best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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The PH805, part of Philips’ 8000 Series, are over-the-ear wireless headphones that use 40mm drivers. They feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters and frequency reproduction up to 40kHz when hooked up to the 3.5mm audio cable included in the box.


They also offer a mix of touch and physical controls, support for both Siri and Google Assistant, and the all-important active noise cancellation, which eliminates annoying background noise when you’re out and about.


The PH805s won’t win any awards for their groundbreaking design, but they’re fairly lightweight – 280g – and come in a sleek dark gray/gunmetal color scheme. The headband also has memory foam padding in its center and is easy to adjust, meaning people of all shapes and sizes will be able to get a good fit without any issues.


The memory foam pads that line the headphones make the PH805s comfortable to wear, creating a tight seal over your ears without cramping. They’re not as comfortable as the Bose QC35 II, though, and their larger ear cups make them bulkier to wear around the neck.


The Philips PH805s deliver an impressive audio experience across all genres of music and are very comfortable, meaning you won’t have a problem wearing them for long periods of time. Touch controls may not be for everyone, but the PH805 does them in an intuitive way that allows easy access to many of the headphones’ useful features.


best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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The Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC has a silent design with a matte black appearance marked with chrome on the headband and around the ear cups. You’ll find the Sennheiser logo elegantly decorated in various places along the top and sides


These Sennheiser Headphones feature enough cushioning to keep you comfortable without putting too much pressure on your head. The ability to fold is also an advantage of this headset, along with a very convenient carrying case for easy travel in a soft cloth bag for travel. The buttons are simple and easy to use, the ear cushions are made of very soft leather, very comfortable to wear.


Additionally, there’s a micro USB port for charging headphones and a 2.5mm jack (yes, not a standard 3.5mm) that lets you plug in headphones when the battery is dead or connected to a power source wire for example, aircraft-based seat entertainment systems.


Noise Isolation: When you enjoy the sound of HD 4.50BTNC headphones, you can fully enjoy your music. The rest of the noisy world will be isolated thanks to NoiseGard™ active noise cancellation technology developed by Sennheiser. So you can comfortably enjoy the refined sound of closed-back design: rich in detail, vivid and powerful in bass, the headphone driver is developed by Sennheiser.


Sennheiser claims that the 4.50 BTNC lasts up to 25 hours on a single charge. However, that estimate refers to when the positive-noise-cancellation circuit is turned off. With ANC permission, that time is almost 19 hours.

Bose QuietComfort 25

best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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As an over-ear, the Bose QC25 has a classic design, with a slightly elongated ear that hugs your ear. The soft leatherette mattress is soft to wear without needing or causing discomfort. On the ear-cup, there is a battery slot and a switch to turn on / off the noise canceling mode. The Bose QC25 headband is not made of plastic or rubber, but is made of metal, covered with high-quality braided fabric, and enhances the beauty and high-end of the headset.


With active noise cancellation technology on Bose QC25, simply turn it on and off easily on the headset, you can freely experience the sound independently for 32 hours continuously, without worrying about external sounds. enjoy. About the cable, the company integrates the optimal function keys with the iOS operating system to help you use the headset more conveniently.


The Bose QC25 has a strong bass along with a detailed treb sound that is very suitable for those who are passionate about hiphop, edm, … As for the mid, the headset has not really performed well.


The Bose QC25 headset is a product with a fairly high price range that is not easily accessible to most users, but the quality of the product is really worth it for you to own. The technology of the equipped headset will help users have the best experience.

Pick For The Best

We’ve just successfully compiled a list of the best noise canceling headphones under 200 for you. Most of them have outstanding advantages of effective noise cancellation that all competitors are difficult to overcome.


Typically AKG Noise Canceling Headphones N60NC. They are really great when we experience listening to music, playing games, etc. The sound comes out clear and detailed!

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