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Neck-ear headphones are gradually becoming more popular than other classic earbuds. Playing an important role in the music revolution, helping users to have more new choices, easy to use, but also keep up with the fashion trend of combining neck headphones. If your ears always have a problem with most other wireless headphones, you can refer to this list of headphones!


I would like to emphasize that there are many choices for these neckband earbuds. So after testing I was able to come up with a list of the best neckband earbuds 2021. You can take a little time to read and get a feel for which headphones are best suited to own today.

The following table has listed the best neckband earbuds 2021 currently, you can buy right now:

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless
BackBeat GO 410 Wireless
LG Tone Style HBS-SL5
Sennheiser Momentum

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If you need a faster purchase, in the chart above I have listed the best neckband earbuds. With just a small bag, you can pocket this wonderful headset! JBL Live 220BT Wireless is the first choice you should consider the fast choice and of course, also need to spend an amount of money matching this best neckband earbud.

Reviews Of Best Neckband Earbuds 2021

JBL Live 220BT Wireless


Via Amazon

As I suggested above, the JBL LIVE 220BT Wireless is my favorite choice. To be put in my priority, JBL did a very good job, thanks to its focus on sound quality, the JBL LIVE 220BT becomes a lot more balanced and bass. The highs and lows complement each other, creating a great volume.


To be more convincing, JBL has a lightweight, good sound quality. Great for recreational activities or sports. Wearing headphones on your neck, you can rest assured to enjoy music all day without getting tired of your ears. The earmuffs are quite small, suitable for people with small ears.


The next plus is that the Live 220BT can connect two devices at the same time. Very suitable when you are just connected to your laptop so that the music can still be accessed to make calls or receive notifications from the phone. JBL Live 220BT will automatically pause the audio on the computer and switch over to your phone audio.


The voice control feature is also fast, battery life is a small defect that JBL has. It only lasts up to 10 hours, but this number is not a big deal.

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless

Via Amazon

Second, in the list of best neckband earbuds is the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless. The headset is designed with silicone and foam tips, you can use it snugly against your ears without fear of falling out.


The sound quality of the Aurvana Trio Wireless is also excellent, with good value for the money. Audio performance that combines bass and a lot sharper, the Cretiave’s audio performance has been significantly improved. Thanks to the superb Super X-Fu (SXFI) technology, this takes the Aurvana headphones to the next level.

Battery life lasts up to 20 hours, you can use it all day and charge via Micro-USB connection.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 410

BackBeat GO 410 Wireless

Via Amazon

After doing a couple of tests, I rated the Plantronics BackBeat Go 410 as the most effective noise-canceling earphones, designed to fit comfortably. You can wear it all day without fear of ear pain.


The Plantronics BackBeat Go 410 has an ambient noise detection mode that helps your headphones automatically cancel out the noise. It sounds disbelieving, but I recommend using these headphones in crowded places or exercising outdoors to be more convincing.


One of the most favorite advantages that the BackBeat Go 410 brings is that it allows wired listening if the battery is depleted. This is an interesting headset, isn’t it? The BackBeat Go 410 is covered by a 3.5mm plug that can be plugged in directly or the headphone jack of your phone. The Bluetooth connection range of this headset is 30 meters.


There are some minor downsides in the headphones sometimes lag when streaming video. Overall, this is a great choice for you.

LG Tone Style SL5

LG Tone Style HBS-SL5

Via Amazon

This LG Tone Style SL5 neckband headset has a minimalistic color design. The headset can easily connect to the most recently used phone and start-up automatically powered on.


The one advantage that the LG Tone Style SL5 neckband keeps me excited about is the battery life, you get 10 hours of playback on a single charge. And of course when charging is also very fast, your only 10 minutes via USB-C port is complete.


You have enough time all day to use the headset without worrying about running out of battery quickly. However, if you are a busy person, then unfortunately when you need to switch from laptop to phone audio mode, you need to do it manually.


Even so, these LG headphones do a good job as a headset. Not too expensive, you absolutely can shop right away.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum

Via Amazon

An award-winning neckband, Sennheiser is an integral part of the best neckband earbuds. You can feel the best sound, as well as the movement of each tone, is clear. Sennheiser won’t let you down in sound quality!


To make it easier for you to make your choice, the designs above the neckband are a soft layer of Nappa leather that you can wear all day without neck discomfort or irritation. The headset when receiving an incoming call will start to gently vibrate to remind you.


One of the best neckband earbuds you should have, it would be hard to find an even better headset with top sound quality. You can charge the battery in just 1.5 hours and that’s great, isn’t it? The rest depends on your choice.

Pick For The Best

Through a detailed review of the headphones inside this article, we think that you can find the most suitable headphones, right? Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless or JBL Live 220BT Wireless is not a bad choice at all.


If I miss out on one of your favorite headphones, leave a comment below so we can add more complete reviews.


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