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Wouldn’t it be interesting to play games and own the best headset for pubg at the same time? The sound factor plays an important role when playing games on Monile and PC platforms, especially the genre of shooting role-playing games like Pubg mobile, which is quite popular today.

The following table has listed best headset for pubg currently, you can buy right now:

best headset for pubg
best headset for pubg
best headset for pubg
best headset for pubg

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If you are a regular person who plays the role-playing game Pubg mobile, you should not ignore the list of best headset for pubg above. They meet most of the outstanding advantages, especially helping you to hear the enemy’s footsteps, gunfire… This helps to increase your ability to feel and win when you play pubg games.

Reviews Of Best headset for pubg

Razer Kraken X

best headset for pubg

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The headset weighs only 250 grams, which is quite light compared to the bulky design of the over-ear headphones. Soft, luxurious leather-covered ear cushions are suitable for all audiences, providing good sound insulation during gaming. The soft headband helps to reduce the weight of the headset when worn. The main material of the headset is plastic, which reduces pressure on the head and is more comfortable to wear for a long time.


Razer Kraken X is equipped with a clear 7.1 surround sound system that helps you experience sound quality from different directions. This helps you to recognize the dangers and moves of your opponent while playing the game to prepare more carefully.


The Razer Kraken X headset has a built-in microphone that can easily bend or use a cardioid pattern that captures sound from a focused area around your mouth. It is this point that helps your voice be better recorded and minimizes noise around, behind and on the sides. The microphone and volume controls are integrated right on the left earcup for easy control when playing games.


The Razer Kraken X headset (RZ04-02890100-R3M1) connects to devices with a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One*, PS4, Nintendo Switch. You can still use the headset with mobile devices, tablets that support this jack.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

best headset for pubg

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The next suggestion from the best headset for pubg is that HyperX is tweaked and tested by gamers to ensure that gamers get the enhanced sound in the game. NGENUITY automatically detects supported games and selects the optimal surround sound profile to enhance your PC experience.


Choose from 3 bass levels with the convenient sliders on these earcups. Open them fully for maximum bass, or close them to reduce bass levels. Separating the bass frequencies from the mids and highs allows them to be fine-tuned separately to increase the difference between sounds and minimize distortion.


Conveniently adjust the mix of game and chat audio levels so you can prioritize what you want to hear first without having to dig into the game or system menus.


Comfort your way. Play games comfortably for longer with leather ear pads that are 8x more breathable than Cloud Alpha, or use fabric earpads if you want even more ventilation.


The headset is Discord and TeamSpeak™ certified for clear communications and features a detachable wear-resistant cable. Versatile microphones can be used intercom or removed when listening to music, adjust game and chat audio balance, mute, and adjust volume without ever leaving your game.

Corsair HS70 Pro

best headset for pubg

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The next recommendation in the best headset for pubg list is the Corsair HS70 pro headset. The midsole is made of extremely soft Memory Foam, providing comfort for many hours of continuous wearing. Play games comfortably with a range of up to more than 10m, and give up to 16 hours of use, compatible with both PC and PS4.


The 50mm Neodymium driver provides a wide soundstage that reproduces most of the sounds on a large battlefield. Surround sound delivers a multi-channel audio experience, delivering sound from all directions for a better gaming experience.


The HS70 Pro Wireless has a detachable microphone with good noise cancellation, ensuring to minimize background noise for clearer conversations. At the same time, the quality of this mic is also certified by Discord with good communication, clear and outstanding sound.


best headset for pubg

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The new TUF Gaming H3 Headset is designed for exceptional comfort and durability for gamers who play or stream on the road. With its lightweight construction, soft foam earpads, stainless steel band, 50mm ASUS Essence drivers, and acoustic chamber design, the TUF Gaming H3 headset elevates the in-game audio experience. your music with rich, immersive sound.


The TUF Gaming H3 Headset inherits the best features of ASUS gaming headsets: exclusive soundproof chamber technology and ASUS Essence drivers for sharper sound with powerful bass to immerse you in gaming experience with natural sounds.


Weighing in at just 294 grams, the lightweight construction of the TUF Gaming H3 headset is designed to keep you comfortable during your long gaming sessions. The TUF Gaming H3 headphones feature ear cushions with 100% protein leather upholstery and soft foam padding for optimal comfort.


Withstands the rigors of intense gaming, the TUF Gaming H3 headband is made of stainless steel. To enhance comfort, the bracelet is designed to produce 20% less clamping force than other bracelets.

Pick For The Best

There are many best headsets for pubg on the headphone market today. However, we have helped you shorten your search time by compiling the list of gaming headsets above. They are adequate in terms of good sound quality, excellent construction materials, etc. to help you play pubg games to the maximum effect.


Haven’t made a decision yet? You can check out more about the HyperX Cloud Alpha S headphones. They really sound detailed and amazing!

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