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Best headphones without sound leakage are the first choice for today’s music connoisseurs. You are looking for a headset with good noise cancellation so that you won’t be disturbed every time you listen to music on the bus, jogging outdoors … Here are the best headphones today that you can investment.

The following table has listed best headphones without sound leakage currently, you can buy right now:

best headphones without sound leakage
best headphones without sound leakage
best headphones without sound leakage
best headphones without sound leakage

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Above is a list of the best headphones without sound leakage you can refer to and shop quickly. They are quite excellent in terms of sound quality, nor do they leak out to avoid disturbing others.


In addition, the list of best headphones under 200 may also meet your requirements and is also a suitable choice for the budget.

Reviews Of Best Headphones Without Sound Leakage

Sennheiser HD 25

best headphones without sound leakage

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Referring to Sennheiser HD 25, surely any audio enthusiast knows or at least has heard of. It’s really a legend in the village of DJ headphones, monitors, and studios. The headphone line was born in 1988, after nearly 30 years it continues to storm the music market thanks to its accurate and impressive sound reproduction. And most recently, Sennheiser introduced a “descendant” of this line, the product named HD 25 LIGHT, of course, will also be officially available in Vietnam through the distributor SVHouse. We invite you to learn more about this product.


The HD 25 Light is a closed back on-ear headset. This is a dynamic headset made for those who do monitor, record or perform outdoors.


Closed headphones, along with soft earcups to help block out ambient noise. At the same time, the headphones also reproduce excellent sound, the bass is emphasized and the treble is extended. With the HD 25 Light you’re ready to rock any audio party.


The headset is designed for maximum comfort, the headband is minimalist and has a unique soft cushion design, making it a unique option at a lower cost than the HD 25-II. This is the ideal product for the DJ night you’ve been waiting for.


The HD 25 Light is also extremely sturdy, so you can enjoy intense, daily use without worrying about its longevity. The included cable is 3m long, smooth cable, symmetrical connection to the driver and completely detachable.


The default jack is 3.5mm, very familiar and easy to connect to common music playback devices, of course there is also a 6.3mm screw-in jack for you to use with amps or other production devices. Professional music production.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

best headphones without sound leakage

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The ATH-M50x makes the first impression on users by its extremely personal and flexible design. The joint between the ear speaker and the headband can be rotated at an angle of 90 degrees, or can also be turned outward and easily folded. Very convenient in arranging or moving somewhere without taking up much space.


In addition, the cord that connects the Audio-Technica monitor headphones to other audio devices is detachable and can be changed depending on your needs. The ATH-M50x is equipped with up to 3 extension cords. A 1.2m twisted pair and can be extended up to 3m, suitable when you use connected devices such as phones, DJ tables, etc.


Designing a monitor that achieves the same bass output as a monitor is a favorite goal of audio professionals. And Audio – Technica’s headphone design engineers have done it. With very solid and powerful bass, as well as round and deep sound, you can experience the bass sound like it’s coming from a real drum.


In addition, the 45mm earphones are designed with soft leather cushions to help music go directly to your ears. Along with that is a fast sound isolation feature, so the sound will be controlled not to leak out, even if you turn the volume knob to loud.

Sony Wireless RF Headphone 150

best headphones without sound leakage

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The next recommendation in the best headphones without sound leakage is the Sony RF 150 headphones, they are quite convenient to use even if they are wireless. The advantage of RF headphones is that their Bluetooth signal is quite strong.


The soft plastic design makes it easy for you to watch movies at home without interruption, which is great when you can binge-watch a movie all day without any discomfort in your ears.

Beyerdynamic DT 770

best headphones without sound leakage

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Among noise-isolating headphones that don’t leak sound, it can be a challenge to beat the Beyerdynamic DT 770. For impressive results, you can pair it with a quality headphone amplifier top quantity.


Besides, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 has a closed-back design and can be suitable for low-level musicians. The headphones have a solid grip around the ears and are able to isolate an amazing range of ambient noise. Use a moderate volume to make your listening more enjoyable.


Headphones with high quality leather padding. In addition, the earpads are soft and do not irritate your skin. Notably, this headset has top durability.


Excellent sound quality lets you listen to music and other programs without disturbing the peace of your colleagues.

Pick For The Best

Among the headphone choices in the list of best headphones without sound leakage you can choose to use the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones. They best fit your search needs, serving users well.


Hopefully you’ll find good headphones in our reviews. In addition, you can contribute more comments below this article!


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