Best headphones for galaxy s6 should refer

The Samsung Galaxy S6 phone was born about 6-7 years ago, but now it is still used by many people thanks to its powerful configuration, beautiful camera and elegant design. It is this that many users are still looking for the best headphones for galaxy s6 to use, today’s article shares with you the best headphones for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Earphones Samsung S7


One of the products that come with the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is the Samsung S7 headset, manufactured on a modern line, which is highly appreciated in the popular segment, always at the forefront when giving users the best products. quality products. Looking at, this Samsung S7 headset has a compact, sophisticated, and equally stylish design. The headphones are made of high-quality rubber, high-elasticity, featuring a smooth “Samsung” logo, making users really comfortable when even the driver is designed to fit your ear.

Although these are the best headphones under 200, I appreciate the use of anti-tangle wire for headphones, in Apple’s iPod classic earbuds wired headset models, there is no anti-tangle feature on wired headphones.

The headphones are designed in the form of a flat wire with good anti-tangle ability, so you never have to worry when each use gets tangled, it takes time to debug, but also effectively limits damage. The in-ear headphones have a meticulously machined 3.5mm Jack wire, neat cut lines, and a rubber cushion outside when used that will stick to the headset without you feeling pain at all. the ear and the sound do not leak out at all.

The Samsung S7 headphones are designed to sound consistent, significantly improved compared to previous generations of headphones that Samsung has ever put on the market. Great sound quality, bringing the experience nothing better, not only the best headphones for galaxy s6 but also compatible with most smartphones on the market.


– The bass of the S7. headphones

The reverberation of the sound is adjusted accordingly, so the Samsung headphones are quite popular with many people. Bass is built-in quite standard, deep but very realistic. Usually, these headphone products can be combined with many types of devices but can still give listeners the warmest, easiest-to-listen bass range.

– Mid sound of headphones

Easy identification and realistic sound are the best features of this Samsung S7 headset. Especially when you enjoy it in combination with genuine Samsung devices, these mid-tones are more clearly shown in their brightness and sharpness through songs and videos. Bring the best relaxing moments for customers.

– Treb sound of headphones

Possessing the optimal highs, these headphones also give you the perfect experience, feel the music in your own way, but also clearly show your own sounds. The headset has a built-in microphone, so you can rest assured that when you hear it, it will be very clear.

True Wireless Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Headset


The best headphones for galaxy s6 next that would like to recommend to you is the True Wireless Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth headset.

Yesterday, Samsung launched a trio of the new Galaxy S21 series, and besides, Samsung also introduced more about the new generation of True Wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds Pro. Along with many improvements in sound quality, noise resistance, water-resistance and aimed at young dynamic users.

Samsung Buds Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headset has a sleek and trendy look in two colors black and white. The new design takes on the classic headphone shape, which is able to reduce the discomfort of using the headset for many hours and also fits securely in the ear when you exercise or exercise. At the same time, the air vents help balance the pressure in the ear and increase the airflow, creating a soft and comfortable feeling when used.

The headset has a compact design so you can easily put it in your bag, backpack and take it with you wherever you go. In addition, there is a headset with three sizes for users to easily change to fit.

Hear clearly anywhere with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), it is considered the best earbuds for ASMR:

Samsung headphones let you comfortably make calls and chat with partners and friends without worrying about noise with Active Noise Canceling technology that impressively filters up to 99% of ambient noise.

Besides, you can choose ANC levels to increase or decrease the appropriate sound according to each space depending on different levels. This results in the best call quality on a wireless headset and clear voice transmission, even when you’re calling at home or out.

Moreover, the headset also has a built-in 3 mic system and a voice pickup unit (Voice Pickup Unit), helping to convey every word in the most complete way. The headset has a modern and advanced windbreak solution that blocks the sound of the wind during calls, allowing you to enjoy a more perfect sound quality.

Easy Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection with devices out of the way up to 10m:

The headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection for a wireless link between the headset and phones, laptops, and tablets that are well maintained in a wide range of up to 10 m, so you can comfortably maintain the calls or music seamlessly and freely. Connect 2 devices at the same time, flexible use.

In addition, the Samsung Buds Pro True Wireless Bluetooth headset also integrates a modern switching feature that detects what is most urgent and immediately switches the connection to that device, such as when you are watching a movie. on the tablet and there is an incoming call, the audio will be transferred to the phone immediately, then when you hang up the sound will return to the tablet.

Continuous use for 8 hours, simple charging via USB-C port:

The headset will give you a continuous experience with calls or hours of uninterrupted music playback with a duration of up to 8 hours and even longer with the charging case. You will have a total of 18 hours of impressive experience when noise canceling is on with 5 hours of music listening and an additional 13 hours when using the charging case. At the same time, when the noise canceling is turned off, you have a total of 28 hours of experience, 8 hours of listening, and another 20 hours when used with the charging case.

Balanced sound, wider range with powerful AKG 2-way speakers:

Every sound through the headphones is selected for every note to be fully represented, from the highest treble to the perfect bass with 2-way speakers tuned by AKG. Built-in 2-way speaker for balanced sound and wider tonal range with 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter for clear, smooth sound.

Some other features of True Wireless Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Headset:

– Effective water resistance with the strongest IPX7 waterproof rating

– Enjoy immersive, dramatic surround sound from 360 Audio

– Dispel the worry of losing, easily locate the headset with the SmartThings app

– Easy to operate, simply touch lightly to be able to use.

Samsung Buds Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headset will be the right and great choice for you if you are looking for a headset with a stylish, luxurious design and smart gadgets to meet your listening needs. high-quality music.

Bluetooth headset AKG Y500


The next product that Headphonesay would like to introduce to you is the AKG Y500 Bluetooth headset. The AKG Y500 has a stylish, comfortable design. With aluminum highlights, a soft hood, and memory foam ear cups, the Y500 is built for both comfort and durability. The refined design and refreshed color palette ensure the headphones look as good as they sound.

The main frame of the headset is made of high-quality plastic with anti-slip and anti-fingerprint coating to make the overall headset look more luxurious and inside is a young rubber layer covering the frame to help you wear the headset on your head. will not hurt, the last is the aluminum frame in the middle with 10 levels of reasonable adjustment to the size of the head of each user.

The Y500 AKG headset is an on-ear headset with a stylized magnesium-plated ear cap with a youthful and dynamic diamond rim.

As a Bluetooth headset model, paying attention to the material in the headset is what Samsung wants to bring to customers. The ear cushions have a water-foam design with high-grade soft leather covering for the ability to continuously wear for about 6 hours without any pain in the ear or uncomfortable feeling of a headache.

Each ear has neatly designed adjustment buttons for you to use most easily such as: On the left, there is a switch to adjust the volume up and down, the Play / Pause button, the 3.5mm Jack jack; On the right is the power button, sound filter, and Micro charging pin.


Evaluation of the sound quality of the AKG Y500 Bluetooth headset:

– Sound quality is really a point of the AKG Y500 headset because the Gamers themselves have also evaluated that the bass sound is solid, Mid, warm Treb, soft, and smooth ballads. This is one of the advantages of AKG Bluetooth headphones compared to other headsets.

– Along with Ambient Aware technology, the AKG Y500 Headphones can be completely insulated from the outside environment for you to enjoy your own music space, but at the same time, it is also an adjustment to turn off the sound filter mode for you. you can easily hear the sound when you are on the road or other sounds when you need to hear it.


The ability to listen and receive calls directly on the Samsung Y500 headset:

– With the latest multi-point connection technology, you absolutely do not drop any calls on your phone just by pressing the Play / Pause button on the left ear. Y500 headset can connect 2 mobile devices at the same time based on Bluetooth connection, but a small minus point is that the AKG Y500 Bluetooth headset cannot connect two devices at the same time (Computer and phone ..). But that’s okay, with the mid-range price, the Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity also gives you pretty good features.

How long is the battery capacity of the AKG Y500 headset?

– With a battery capacity of 900mAh and 2.5 hours of charging once, Samsung Y500 confidently gives users 33 hours of continuous music playback. And another great feature of this headset is the ability to automatically turn off the music when you take off the headset and automatically turn the music back on when you put the headset back on.

The 3 best headphones for galaxy s6 will be the right and great choice for you if you are looking for a headset with a stylish, luxurious design and smart gadgets to meet your music listening needs with High Quality.


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