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How to find headphones for tv? In recent years, wireless headset technology, also known as bluetooth headset. There are very strong developments going on. In workplaces, you can see the appearance of wireless keyboards; wireless mouse or wireless printer, etc. At home, there are tablets, mobile phones with wireless chargers, …


So what features do bluetooth headsets for TV have? Today’s article headphonesay will give you some tips when choosing headphones for tv!

The following table has listed headphones for tv currently, you can buy right now:

Headphones for tv
Headphones for tv
Headphones for tv
Headphones for tv

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Most models of headphones for tv are basically not much different from wireless headphones for mobile or entertainment needs. Just like the wireless headsets for mobile or entertainment, the wireless headphones for TV have a standard design like a head-cap. Here are some notes that you need to pay attention to when choosing headphones for tv, stay tuned!

Reviews Of Headphones For Tv

Sennheiser 120 II Headphones For Tv

Headphones for tv

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The Sennheiser RS 120 II Headphones are specially designed headphones that allow you to immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere wherever you are. With unique features. This headset will bring you moments of relaxation after stressful working hours.


This Sennheiser Headset has an open design (Open Design), so the plastic covering the outside of each earbud has a lot of sound holes. The volume control knob and “check” button from the included transmitter are integrated on the right speaker. The foam padding of each earbud is quite thick, covering the whole earlobe and covered with a soft velvet layer. The hood of the RS 120 II (made from hard plastic) is also equipped with a thick and smooth foam padding.


These Sennheiser headphones feature vivid, clear and true-to-detail sound quality, with a frequency response of up to 19500 Hz, so you can hear the tiniest details like you’re in the studio.


Sennheiser RS120 II wireless headphones use radio (FM) connectivity. The included wireless receiver/transmitter also functions as a charging cradle for the headset.


While the RIF6 are over-ear headphones, we can’t say they’re really comfortable. There’s a lot we don’t like about comfort. First of all, too much clamping force will make your ears sweat and hurt a lot. Second, the padding on the headband is too thin – the worst part is the center part of the headband (where all the charging contacts are located). After about two or three hours of wearing them, you’ll have to take them off to let your ears and head rest.

Sony MDRRF985RK Headphone For Tv

Headphones for tv

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Sony MDRRF985RK headphones with a simple design but also do not sink if standing among other common headphones. They are rated as the most comfortable headphones on this list, the padding is thick and soft. Large ear cushions completely cover your ears, limiting some of the noise coming in.


The headphones are really tough because they’re made of plastic, making them more durable than other headphones. You can comfortably customize the adjustment buttons located on the left earcup. All controls are easy to use and convenient. However, the headset will be a bit annoying if your head is a bit big.


The Sony MDRRF985RK headphones have an impressive battery life that lasts up to 25 hours with your favorite movies at home. You can put them in the charging dock properly if the headphones run out of battery. The sound quality is very good, vivid and clear. There will be some small leaks if you turn the volume up high, but this shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re watching TV in a private room.

SENNHEISER RS 175 RF PRO Headphones For Tv

Headphones for tv

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As for the headset, you will certainly feel impressed by its design with large ear cups, thick and soft ear cushions. The padding in this ear cup makes the Sennheiser RS 175 RF closer to the listener’s face, the sound is also difficult to escape, you can comfortably enjoy music without fear of someone next to you being disturbed.


As one of the headsets in the RF 2015 series, Sennheiser affirms the leading level of the RS 175 RF in wireless connection technology. The device operates on the 2.4 GHz entry-level RS 175 band range providing users with the ability to wirelessly connect to a music player up to 100 meters away.


With the Sennheiser RS 175 RF you can wear your headphones from one end of the street to the other while the music player is still in your room.


We have encountered a few cases of connection problems with Sennheiser RS 175 RF when using a remote transmitter at a distance of 15m. My team is still experiencing flickering signal, fortunately this situation rarely happens.


The sound quality is also quite good, which can be said to be better or on par with wired headphones at the same price. It sounds ordinary but this is really a compliment for wireless headphones. The device has the ability to balance the sound very well with both music and movies.

SENNHEISER SET840 Headphones For Tv

Headphones for tv

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The Sennheiser Set840 headphones have a rather fancy design, because they are specifically intended for the purpose of watching TV at your home. The headphones are covered from silicone making them more durable and strong. The base is made of plastic which is quite light and sturdy.


You can charge the battery on the base or buy a backup battery charger to use on the right corner of the device. Usage time is not the greatest on this list, up to 9 hours per charge. If you want to use it longer, you need a backup battery.


Although this is a bit inconvenient, the connection range of the Sennheiser Set840 headset is quite impressive (100m). This helps you experience watching movies without any difficulties or obstacles. We did not experience signal loss or disconnection when using during TV viewing.

Pick For The Best

Have you found headphones for tv to experience your favorite movies yet? We have detailed and complete reviews of headphones for watching movies at home in this article. They have the distinct advantage of connecting to a TV and a smooth sound experience.


If you still haven’t made the right choice. Try the SENNHEISER RS 175 RF headphones, they deserve it!

Instructions on how to connect headphones to the TV simply

1.     Wired connection

Use adapter

Connecting a headphone jack to a compatible input on an adapter is one of the simplest ways to connect headphones to a television. On the back of the TV, there are often connectors with adapters, so choose to buy the right adapter to connect.


On older TVs, the standard jack is usually 3.5mm. However, many new TV manufacturers have long since abandoned analog outputs in favor of digital optical output.


This converter will not only allow you to plug in the 3.5mm headphone jack, but will also convert the audio output into the correct format for playback in your headphones.


Using a streaming device

Using a streaming device is another option. On the remote control of the streamer, there is usually a port to connect to the headphone jack, which is very convenient.


Some plugs on audio devices are rarely compatible with any type of headphone jack. At these times, you can use a compatible adapter to assist.


2.     Wireless connection

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth streaming is already available on newer TVs, check if your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity. To check this you can go to the Audio sections on Settings.


If the TV supports Bluetooth, set the headphone mode to pairing to connect and continue to follow the on-screen instructions to successfully connect the TV to the headphones.


Note that your headphones must also support Bluetooth connectivity.


Using a video streaming device (set-top box)

Video streaming and streaming devices like Apple TV 4K or Amazon, Fire TV Cube also support audio streaming via Bluetooth.


After putting your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode, simply follow the on-screen instructions in the Bluetooth settings on your Set-top box and you can start streaming right away.

Using an external Bluetooth adapter

If your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection and you don’t own a Bluetooth streaming device, you can equip your TV with a Bluetooth transmitter.


These devices will connect to the TV and emit a Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth transmitters come in many forms including USB hard keys, 3.5mm hard keys,…


If you can find a Bluetooth adapter that supports your TV’s audio output format, pair a Bluetooth headset with this adapter by following the pairing instructions that come with each device.


Connect via soundbar

Some soundbars, such as the Sony HT-Z9F, not only allow you to stream Bluetooth audio to them from your phone, but also allow you to stream audio from them via Bluetooth.

This is a great solution for those with Bluetooth headphones, as any audio sent to the bar can be streamed.


Use an RF headset

RF headphones (a type of headset that uses radio frequencies, which are the frequency range between 3 kHz and 300 GHz) are usually connected to a multifunction charger to connect directly to the television. You need to match the connection types between this charger and the TV so double check the connection types), as an adapter may be needed to make the link.


A bit more of a hassle, but RF headphones are great for wireless connections, as they generally have better range and lower latency than Bluetooth headphones.

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