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Best gaming headphones not only help you increase your audio experience, but are also an important factor determining the quality of the game. If gamers are still wondering which type of gaming headset to choose, the following gaming headset review article will definitely help you.

A gaming headset is a dedicated audio device for playing games. Just like speakers designed just for listening to music, gaming headsets are specifically designed to create detailed, effective game sound, helping users rely on sound to immerse themselves in the world of the game. It can be said that a gaming headset is one of the “four treasures” of a gamer: including a keyboard, mouse, trackpad and headset.

Classification of gaming headsets

Based on the needs of gamers, gaming headsets are also divided into many different types. Here are the popular gaming headsets for you to recognize.


1. Sort by connection:

Wired gaming headset: this is the most popular gaming headset, using a 3.5 mm jack that can be compatible with most computers and laptops. The advantage is stable transmission, low cost.

Wireless gaming headset: this is a more modern headset, using bluetooth connection to transmit signals, convenient to use and carry around. However, using this type of transmission line can sometimes be unstable, and the cost is also quite high.


2. Classification by design type:

·       In-ear headphones: This headset has a compact design, inserted deep into the ear, good soundproofing to help gamers completely immerse themselves in the game world. The advantage is that when used for a long time, the ear does not get hot.

·       On-ear headphones: headphones worn outside the ear, designed to fit the ear, effectively soundproofing but not completely isolated from the outside environment.

·       Over-ear headphones: completely cover the ears with soft and light padding, do not cause ear pain, minimize noise entering when playing games. That said, using it for too long still feels a bit painful to the ear, and should be at a moderate volume to avoid eardrum pain.

Things to pay attention to when choosing a bluetooth headphones

Design: For the best gaming experience, you should choose in-ear gaming headsets with a compact design, close to the ear to help bring comfort even if used for a long time. Besides, short wired headphones or gaming headsets (100% wireless) are also the perfect solution to not cause entanglement during your manipulation while playing games. The weight of the headset is also something that should be prioritized, the light weight will make you not feel heavy when you have to wear the headset continuously, fully focusing on the game.


Battery life: There is nothing worse than being in an intense battle when the headset runs out of battery. This is easy to see in non-genuine headsets because the actual battery capacity is low, but it has the ability to magically report the battery, making it easy for gamers to fall into the middle of the road.

Phone battery life when fighting on average can last from 5 to 7 hours continuously, so you can choose genuine bluetooth headsets with similar usage time.


Sound quality: When choosing wireless gaming headsets, you need to prioritize choosing headphones with good bass range. Since most of the sounds like gunfire, footsteps or effects like explosions, the car sounds in the game are biased towards the bass range to bring a more epic audio experience for gamers.


Not stopping there, a strong bass headset will help you optimize the sound analysis and thereby offer more accurate and smoother in-game processing strategies.


Delay: You certainly don’t want to fall into the situation where the picture precedes the sound after the game. Delay is the top priority when choosing a gaming headset. Usually, the lower the delay, the faster and more accurate the in-game processing will be than the opponent, thereby giving you the opportunity to lead the game to your liking.


About the price: Certainly, the more expensive headphones will have better quality, but if you do not have too big a wallet, you should still prioritize choosing a bluetooth headset with a price that suits your pocket better to save money. cost savings.

Quick Comparison: Best gaming headphones

The following table has listed best gaming headphones currently, you can buy right now:

Best gaming headphones
Best gaming headphones
Best gaming headphones
Best gaming headphones
Best gaming headphones

                                                          All Image Above Via Amazon

In the world of gaming headsets, there are many different types, prices are not uniform, uniform. In order for you to have the best choice, suitable for your economic conditions, we have classified the list of best gaming headphones above so that you can refer to shopping faster.

Reviews Of Best gaming headphones


Best gaming headphones

Via Amazon

Best-in-class battery life with 24 hours of continuous wireless use, so you can game day and night on a single charge. Game anywhere with the compact USB-C dongle for seamless switching between PlayStation 5, PS4, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.


With the same high-quality speaker drivers as the Arctis 7, Arctis 7P emphasizes refined sound to give you the sonic advantage in your favorite Next-gen games and is fully compatible with Tempest 3D AudioTech. of the PlayStation 5.


The Discord-certified ClearCast microphone uses a two-way design, the type of microphone used by airport staff for superior noise cancellation, making your voice sound clear and natural. The Stellsires Arctis 7P headset deserves a mention in the list of best gaming headphones.


Best gaming headphones

Via Amazon

ROG Delta is the world’s leading gaming headset with the ESS 9218 audio processor with 4 top-notch hi-fi built-in DACs that deliver perfectly crisp and detailed sound to bring games to life. Get the edge you need to win.


Signal-to-noise ratio is an important specification for gaming headsets, especially in FPS games. A higher SNR allows you to accurately locate enemies or focus on firing or explosions on the battlefield.


ROG Delta enables single-color rear lighting as it’s the world’s first gaming headset to feature ring-shaped RGB lighting. This fascinating effect is designed into seven independent light zones with vibrant multi-color displays in cycles.


Instead of using a 3.5mm connector, ROG Delta features one USB-C port and includes a USB-C to USB 2.0 (Type-A) adapter to connect to any nearby gaming platform including PCs, controllers, and mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy top performance whenever, wherever.

Arctis Pro Wireless

Best gaming headphones

Via Amazon

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headphones with speaker drivers combine the technology that makes them wireless, but with extremely short latency, bringing big sound to your headphones. This is a solution for gamers who want a quality wireless headset in every match.


With 2.4G wireless audio feature. The headset produces unlimited sound combined with Bluetooth for mobile devices. Using both independent connections for maximum homogeneity flexibility.


Artics Pro cheap gaming headset connects to the wireless router via the proven SteelSeries 2.4G connection. This makes the headset extremely good sound and extremely low impact when up to 40 feet away.


With 2 types of batteries included, that means you will always be able to use the headset “indefinitely” without worrying about running out of battery. Simply use one and plug the other in and you’ll never have to wait hours for this beloved headset.

Razer BlackShark V2

Best gaming headphones

Via Amazon

The next recommendation on the list of best gaming headphones is the Razer Blackshark V2. All-new patented design allows engineers to customize each driver — allowing for individual reproduction of high, mid, and low audio frequencies for richer, bright tones more and powerful bass.


Offering better voice pickup and noise cancellation, adopts a more open design to minimize interference — improving clarity for closer reproduction of your voice. Eliminate noise and enjoy uninterrupted focus with special self-contained earcups that completely cover your ears, supported by plush ear cushions that form a tighter seal for better sound isolation.


At just 240g, the headphones are incredibly light to wear, made even more comfortable by thicker head cushions and innovative memory foam ear cushions wrapped in a combination of breathable fabric and luxurious leatherette important.

ASTRO Gaming A50

Best gaming headphones

Via Amazon

Add a selection of best gaming headphones. This headset has a mostly plastic construction, with a large earpiece, hollow plastic band and flexible microphone attached. The metal bar connects the headphones to the headband and provides some decent rotation.


The velvet earpads are great for gamers wearing glasses, providing a softer, more flexible material for a decent seal setup, although it does offer worse isolation than leatherette. From the start, it all seemed really well built to me. That did not last.


I’ve run into trouble on a PC, but using a Playstation 4 base station losing connection to headphones and consoles is pretty common. Furthermore, getting the headphones to actually charge in the cradle takes a bit of a stretch.


Astro claims the A50 Wireless can last for more than 15 hours on a single charge, and while that’s very likely, we can’t really tell. The headset has a battery saver feature, a software, we can turn off, put the headset to sleep after not moving for about half an hour.


Dolby Audio surround sound headset for gaming supports both Playstation 4 and PC. It works well enough, but it certainly offers a lighter touch than by more platform-specific standards.

Pick For The Best

As a regular professional gamer and game enthusiast. Choosing the best gaming headphones is quite important, they will determine the quality during gaming to achieve maximum effect or not.


If you haven’t made your decision yet. Try learning more about our recommendation for the SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless. They are truly the right wireless headset to accompany you on the gaming fronts!

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