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Are you looking for best electrostatic headphones? Currently, the demand for these headphones has suddenly increased, they have the most natural and transparent sound on the market. We will save you time searching for more information within this article, and evaluate from an expert perspective for the best overview!

The following table has listed best electrostatic headphones best price 2021 currently, you can buy right now:

Sennheiser HD 660 S best electrostatic headphones
HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 best electrostatic headphones
HIFIMAN Arya best electrostatic headphones
Focal Utopia best electrostatic headphones
Monolith M1070 best electrostatic headphones

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There are quite a few high-quality headphones with high sensitivity and precision to let you hear the most impressive sound on your favorite music list. Above is our quick summary of best electrostatic headphones, you can choose for quick shopping.


Conversely, if more information is needed to make a more accurate decision, have a clear understanding of the suitability of each headset with your intended use. Keep reading to read our reviews below!

Reviews Of Best Electrostatic Headphones


Sennheiser HD 660 S best electrostatic headphones

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The original HD650 headphones were one of the most valuable audiophile class headphones on the planet. They offer a large percentage of what you get with the HD800 much more expensive than companies for a fraction of the cost.


Sennheiser also doesn’t make unnecessary upgrades and therefore has a longer product lifecycle than other companies trying to keep up with the taste of the month by releasing multiple models without significant improvements.


The improved HD 660s is more subtle but still retains the slightly more central and warmer tone of the old model but still retains amazing detail. They’re an open-back headset that pairs exceptionally well with tube amps but is easily controllable from most high-resolution sources.


HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 best electrostatic headphones

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Hifiman HE1000SE is the next suggestion in our list of best electrostatic headphones, a special flat magnetic headset with many exclusive technologies that make them sound great.


They use a separate baffle system near the diaphragm to reduce distortion and provide a purer reproduction of the original material.


Build quality is excellent, and Hifiman continues to refine and refine its headphone designs to the point where the HE1000 series is one of the most beautiful on the market.


Comfort is also one of the best in the class as it has a very lightweight design combined with beautiful material at the point of contact with your head. The back opening allows both breathing and the soundstage to be airy.


HIFIMAN Arya best electrostatic headphones

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If you can’t afford to spend more than $ 3000 for superior sound, the Arya is still not a cheap headset. They are, however, one of the best flat magnetic headphones available in 2021, and for many a good value for the money.


They have a very natural and neutral sound to them. There is no undue emphasis on your music but displayed at the absolute maximum. The mids are smooth and incredibly detailed, the bass is consistent, and doesn’t get shy while not being overly detailed.


In terms of soundstage and distance, this is a suitable headset for us and it displays live music and orchestration in real life.


The only note here is that Hifiman Arya benefits greatly from being used with a good quality source, so if you don’t have it on hand, this will lead to some additional costs to get you to. end of the game.


Focal Utopia best electrostatic headphones

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Most headphone companies hope they will generate waves when they release a new headset and Focal has managed to generate the Tsunami. If you want to know which headphones have the best sound quality, the Utopia is right at the top of my list.


Focal Utopia is out now, and after going through a few sessions with it, we have made it the king of the audiophile world.


The detail retrieval is amazing and the soundstage is huge. That’s all I wanted when I got into this hobby and they are very much a final game product.


They are lightweight and extremely well built and if I could have one for the rest of the time, it would be the Focal Utopia right now.


Under four dollars though this will be or within reach of the majority of headphone enthusiasts. Equally, they are an amazing achievement for the French manufacturer.


Monolith M1070 best electrostatic headphones

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Monoprice hardly appears to produce one of the most surprising headphones in recent times.


The company first entered the world of premium audiophile headphones by releasing a series of flat magnetic headphones with a closed and open back design.


Our pick in the group should be the stellar Monoprice M1070. As for the cost, it’s hard to think of anything that looks so good. It offers performance that beats the Audeze for a fraction of the price. This is the best headphones under 200


Monolith is currently on our list of the best flat headphones.

Pick For The Best

Above are our good headphones suggestions to recommend to you. Most of the headphones are appreciated and loved in recent times. Prices will vary slightly from time to time. If you know or have ever used better headphones, let us know by typing comments below this article!


Hopefully, you will find the most suitable headphones. If you’re still hesitant, give the Sennheiser HD 660 S a try.


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