Best earphones for Redmi note 4 smartphone

Do you own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone and are looking for a compatible headset to use? Ok below I share to you the best earphones for Redmi note 4.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone possesses a luxurious and sophisticated appearance that is no less than high-end devices. The device has a monolithic design with solid metal material and has one thing in common with phones manufactured 4 years ago that all use a 3.5mm jack. Because of this, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone is not too difficult to find for yourself compatible headphones.

Mi Basic in-ear headphones Xiaomi HSEJ03JY


If your budget to buy in-ear headphones is not much, somewhere around 200$, Xiaomi’s HSEJ03JY moel will be a very ideal choice, this is one of the best headphones under 200. Cheap in-ear headphones, but Xiaomi HSEJ03JY will still meet basic entertainment needs.


In terms of design, Xiaomi HSEJ03JY still inherits many points from the old version. Still a compact design with many youthful and extremely personality tones for you to choose from such as silver, blue and black.


The outside of the headset is a soft, high-grade silicone layer to provide the most comfortable feeling even when wearing the headset for a long time. The cable itself is made from strong and durable kevlar synthetic fabric that is equally durable over time.


Located on the frequency range from 20Hz-20,000Hz and the sensitivity is 101dB, the Xiaomi HSEJ03JY will give a pretty good, natural output sound. In addition, on the strap, there is a built-in microphone and volume control buttons to support listening to music.


Equipped with a volume control button, handles music and video playback on compatible smartphones with other devices, and a microphone for easier calling.

Xiaomi Mi Headphone Pro HD in-ear headphones


One of the Best earphones for Redmi note 4 smartphone I would like to recommend to you is Xiaomi Mi Headphone Pro HD.

Xiaomi Mi Headphone Pro HD is a mid-range in-ear model from Xiaomi that you can also consider. The product has a relatively compact and dynamic design, the level of design perfection is quite high with the earphone shell made of aluminum that resists dust and sweat.

Overall, Mi Headphone Pro HD is designed in the style of an ear canal with a 45-degree angle, in order to minimize external noise. Supporting 3.5mm jack, the strap is made of TPE material with a length of 1.2m with the characteristics of heat resistance, good strength, high elasticity and safety for users’ health.

Thanks to the built-in advanced Bignardi equalizer, it effectively filters and eliminates noise and background noise. The speaker circuit is optimized, with parameters including: 5mW capacity, frequency range from 20Hz – 40,000Hz, will give high quality output sound, strong and sharp Bass.

In addition, the combination of the dynamic dual sensor control system and the dual graphene diaphragm will keep the output sound quality low and give the listener the most comfortable feeling.

Headset Xiaomi Mi Basic


The design of these in-ear headphones is inspired by the very popular Xiaomi Piston and is exquisitely finished from polycarbonate.
In addition, the ear tips are optimized in each position to provide the most comfort possible for the user, helping them not to feel uncomfortable when wearing the headset for a long time on the ear.

The Xiaomi Basic headset strap is very sturdy, with the outer TPE plastic layer and the inner core of kevlar fiber, the strap of Xiaomi Mi Basic is very durable, not easily damaged by external forces. At the same time, this strap is also anti-tangle to help users quickly remove and put the headset on their ears after taking it out from a backpack or bag.

The Xiaomi Mi Basic headphones for pure sound are equipped with a dual reduction system that disperses and reduces the speed of reflected sound waves to create realistic, clear sound in every detail. When listening to music, the user’s favorite tunes will sound vividly to help users enjoy a relaxing moment after a stressful study / work time.

Easily control the music playing process with the Xiaomi Basic headset, this genuine Xiaomi headset has a dedicated control key cluster, helping users quickly answer calls, play / stop music or adjust the volume up and down.

The quality of the Mi Basic headphones is confirmed, the xiaomi headphones have to go through a rigorous testing and inspection process to meet the quality standards from Xiaomi before shipping. Therefore, you are completely assured of the durability of the headset when used for a long time.

In summary, the best earphones for Redmi note 4 smartphone headphones introduced above are mostly the best classic earbuds, so the prices are quite reasonable. So you can decide quickly without having to think too much.


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