Best earphones for Oneplus 5 smartphone

If you think it will be very difficult to find yourself a best earphones for oneplus 5 smartphone, you are probably mistaken.


Oneplus 5 smartphone. Photo by internet

Born at the same time as the iPhone 7, a strong competitor, but Oneplus 5 is still interested by many users. OnePlus 5 possesses a delicate design with extremely powerful configuration parameters and importantly, the price is only half that of other flagships with the same configuration.


Because it was born at the same time as the iPhone 7, many people think that the Oneplus 5 smartphone has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and replaced it with a USB Type-C port. But not so, Oneplus 5 still uses a 3.5mm headphone jack and has both a USB Type-C port and a handy external speaker. That’s why most headphones can be connected to oneplus 5 smartphones easily.


When you come here, you will surely realize that “Oh, I can use any headset to connect to Oneplus 5 smartphone” It’s okay, already here, the headphones are still shared with you. A good product or wireless earbuds used by many people with Oneplus 5 smartphones.

OnePlus Buds, best earphones for Oneplus 5 smartphone


OnePlus Buds. Photo by internet

One year ago, OnePlus launched another wireless headset model called OnePlus Buds. This is also a cheap truewireless headset product line, only 79 USD, equivalent to 1.8 million VND and it is quite suitable for those who are using Oneplus 5 smartphones.

At a cheap price of only $ 79 like OnePlus Buds, users will get a headset that meets basic needs well. However, the product will not be equipped with noise cancellation technology or wireless charging capability. In addition, the design of the OnePlus Buds headphones is just the best classic earbuds that do not use the earbud. Therefore, users will not have good sound insulation when using this headset.

The highlight of the OnePlus Buds comes from the battery life. According to OnePlus, the product can provide up to 7 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge and 30 hours of use when used with a charging case.

In addition, OnePlus Buds also integrates fast charging technology for the charging case when with just 10 minutes of charging, users will be able to use up to 10 hours more. Meanwhile, the time to fully charge this case will take about 80 minutes.

The OnePlus Buds also come with Dolby Atmos sound technology that allows for surround sound reproduction for a better user experience when viewing entertainment content. The product also comes with IPX4 standard water resistance.


OnePlus Buds has 3 color options. Photo by internet

OnePlus Buds has 3 color options for users to choose from: black, white and blue. The blue version will be sold in the European and Indian markets. The price for the product as mentioned above is 79 USD, which is one of the best headphones under 200.


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