🥇Best Earbuds Under 5000 In India 2020 – New Update

Best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020 have been updated in this 2021! You will find many pairs of the best wireless headphones in this article, almost all of which have recently received rave reviews from around the world. You can completely trust and use them!


Or your budget is in the range of less than 3000 or more. We also prepare small budget related options for you.

The following table has listed best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020 currently, you can buy right now:

Klipsch T5 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020
TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020
Boltune Bluetooth best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020
Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020
SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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In order to be ranked in this list of best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020, there are many conditions that must-have headphones. For example: good sound quality, beautiful and durable design, long music playback time…


We have spent many days compiling the above headphones, which you can shop quickly by pressing the button next to it. Here are detailed reviews of each pair of wireless headphones if you are wondering to choose!

Reviews Of Best Earbuds Under 5000 In India 2020

Klipsch T5

Klipsch T5 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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The company’s first fully wireless earbuds, the T5 True Wireless, are premium wireless earbuds. But like other Klipsch products, they were designed as status symbols. The combination of T5 sound, great sound, 8 hours of battery life, and stylish style – including the best looking charging case we’ve seen.


Both in terms of physical design and literal power, there’s no better-looking wireless charging case than the metal one that comes with the T5. A polished metal case that looks like a Zippo lighter (a comparison featured by the company itself, shipping our sample with an actual Zippo), the case weighs like a paperweight, and It’s almost satisfying to turn on the lighter, with a heavy flap popping up to reveal the earphones inside.


In addition to its stylish design, the T5 sets itself apart with features like battery life and water resistance. Along with 8 hours per charge, the T5 also has 24 hours of reserve in the charging case..


Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, the T5s don’t come with ear hooks or even earfins to keep them securely in your ears during workouts, but their IPX4 waterproof rating means they’re more than capable. more resistant to sweat and rain than AirPods.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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You probably already know through the Taotronics soundliberty 94 headphones, they have every reason to be ranked as the best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020. The outstanding advantage of the ability to cancel ambient noise up to 35dB will make you are surprised.


This helps the sound to come out in a younger child, the communication is also clearer if you are on an airplane or bus, crowded places…For taotronics it will not be a big problem anymore. The most advanced and fastest Bluetooth 5.1 pairing.


Up to 32 hours of continuous playtime including the charging case (8 hours on average). You can rest assured that this pair of headphones consumes quite low power, and the range is also comfortable.

Boltune Bluetooth Earbuds

Boltune Bluetooth best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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Boltune headphones allow you to achieve the best audio experience, identify noisy outside sounds and intelligently reduce noise. They deliver crystal clear call quality, making your communications smoother.


Maximum ANC technology of 28dB is suitable for people who are often busy, or go to cafes to work or go on business. They need to have their own relaxing time in the little moments. Only so many Boltune advantages are eligible to be included in the best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020.


Deep bass sound and wide soundstage, showing a definition that surpasses other wireless headphones. Amazing time lasts up to 30 hours including the included charging case, you only need to charge 10 minutes to get an extra hour of use. You have all day long to relax with this pair of headphones!

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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Soundcore Spirit X2 is Anker’s cheap true-wireless headset for sports, featuring an earhook design (hook behind the ear) and very high battery life (36 hours on the charging case and 9 hours on the earphones). listen).


Containing such a huge battery capacity, the big box is understandable. In addition, the box of the Spirit X2 headset also has a quick charge function for the headset: 10 minutes, 1.5 hours of listening, ensuring users do not have to worry about the issue of running out of battery. The Spirit X2’s charging box uses a convenient USB-C standard.


The IP68 standard of the headset is resistant to rain and sweat, just looking at the box, it is easy to guess that the Spirit X2 is a headset made for hardcore sports people. The feeling of wearing Spirit X2 on the ear is very solid and comfortable when worn for 2 hours of continuous music listening.


In terms of sound, this is probably the true-wireless headset with the strongest and most bass in my audio playing process. Anker uses Bass Turbo technology, including 12mm dynamic driver and an acoustic chamber called Acoustic Tube to optimize bass volume.


Anker Soundcore Spirit X2, in my opinion, is a suitable choice for gymers, backpackers, cyclists, sweaty long-distance trekking. The strong and powerful bass will keep the fire burning for hours of intense practice. For those who require a detailed, spacious and generous sound quality, the Anker Soundcore Spirite X2 is not a reasonable choice.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020

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Inspired by the innovative and iconic shape of the Galaxy Buds Live they deserve to be ranked in the best earbuds under 5000 in india 2020, Galaxy Buds Pro features an improved design with more conveniences. The shape of the tube-shaped headphones improves sound quality, making them more comfortable in the ear thanks to an improved ergonomic design. 


In addition, the Galaxy Buds Pro is also equipped with an IPX7 waterproof standard, the highest waterproof standard in the Galaxy Buds series. Besides, the SmartThings Find feature built into Buds Pro makes it easy to locate either headset, even if the headset is out of Bluetooth range, completely out of sight or misplaced. at a long distance.


In addition, Galaxy Buds Pro can also separate the user’s voice from the background noise with 3 microphones and a voice recognition unit. Specifically, one of the two external microphones has extremely high noise cancellation capabilities, helping to eliminate background noise. Along with that, Samsung also integrated into Buds Pro the ability to cancel wind noise.


As a wireless headset product Samsung is equipped with intelligent active noise cancellation technology after Galaxy Buds Live, so Buds Pro is also capable of creating a noise cancellation wave with oscillations in contrast to the surrounding noises. , which eliminates all noise, thereby helping users fully enjoy the music.


Samsung integrates each earbud of the Galaxy Buds Pro with a 61mAh battery along with 472mAh on the charging box. As a result, the Galaxy Buds Pro offers an extremely impressive usage time of up to 5 hours continuously and when accompanied by the charging case, the usage time can last up to 20 hours.

Pick For The Best

For a more objective view, we offer 1 choices for you: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro. It is important that the sound is clear and the battery life is long enough for use. If you have ever used more effective pairs of wireless headphones, do not hesitate to share below the comment below this article to let us know. It would be great if you could choose a suitable pair of headphones from the list above!


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