🥇Best Earbuds For Iphone 6 – Step by step choose the best headphones

Most of the phone users are iPhone (Apple) or Ipad, Mac. You will usually get a pair of earphones included with the manufacturer and no other choice. So we’ve found and selected the best earbuds for iPhone 6 just for you.


Here are our best recommendations for the best earbuds for iPhone 6. If you want the best iPhone headphones then take a moment to read our review.

The following table has listed the best earbuds for iphone 6 currently, you can buy right now:

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods
Powerbeats Pro
Sennheiser Momentum True

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At the top of good phone lines, iPhone always maintains its style, with user-friendly design and super app store, millions of people around the world have owned it. After Apple stopped using Earpods, this is a milestone for other wireless headphones to take the throne and promote their full potential.


If your budget allows, choose the Apple AirPods Pro pair. Because these are our favorite headphones, they look great in every way. Conversely, you can see more detailed reviews of each of the best earbuds for iPhone 6 below.

Reviews Of Best Earbuds For Iphone 6

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

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As in our list of the best earbuds for iPhone 6. Apple AirPods Pro is the top recommendation for you. With a simple design, sophistication has helped Apple AirPods Pro eat points at first sight. The tail of the headphones doesn’t protrude too much, and most importantly, Apple ensures comfort when worn on you.


The sound of this wireless headset is neutral and well balanced, it is suitable for almost all different types of sounds. Noise cancellation is great if you are working continuously in an office environment where people are crowded, sometimes there will be a few small noises entering the headphones.


Apple AirPods Pro has a slightly modest battery life, lasting only 5 hours. So, you need to use the carrying case with the wireless Qi charging pad to add up to a long day of use (each charge lasts about 1 hour).

In general, the Apple AirPods Pro headphones are pretty good with the iPhone. You will not be disappointed if you own it. This design is suitable for a variety of different ear sizes, if your ears are a bit small, you can learn this article.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Apple AirPods

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If you need a wireless headset that fits better in your ears, try the Apple AirPods, which are similar in design to the Apple AirPods Pro, but harder to control. This point will be easily annoying when you first use it, but if you have adapted it should not be a problem. They are slightly cheaper than the Apple Airpods Pro.


Deep sound thanks to a wireless headset’s fit, you can wear it comfortably all day without discomfort. You can fully experience good music thanks to Apple AirPods Pro.


However, the battery life only lasted 4.1 hours (quite short), although the Apple AirPods charge very quickly, hopefully, this point will be fixed soon in the future. If you are an office person or like to enjoy a private space with chill music. Consider this headset!

Sony WF-1000XM3


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The Sony WF-1000XM3 has impressed us from the very first time, it is truly a contender that doesn’t fit the wireless headphone market right now. Sony delivers a much stronger and clearer sound quality by filtering / minimizing background noise for you. This is a great advantage that a lot of people have appreciated Sony.


Sony puts sound first, so you get the best sound. Simple connection, 5 hours of battery life is not a big number. But it’s still enough for you to use for more than half a day in a variety of environments.


If this is the product you feel are most suitable for the Iphone. Be proactive right now! If you’re interested in product quality and prices under $200, we’ve compiled this list recently!

Beats Powerbeats Pro Truly Wireless

Powerbeats Pro

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In the list of the best earbuds for iPhone 6 including Beat Powerbeats Pro Truly Wireless, the headset is designed with lightweight plastic but is quite sturdy and fits in with you, thanks to a simple ear hook that can be fixed, holding the ear. As a result, even if you are training with vigorous activity, you still cannot fall out.


Beat Powerbeats Pro has sound suitable for all genres of music, thanks to H1 chip like Apple that it can connect quickly seamlessly to your iPhone, simple and useful controls you can use. Use while running or want to get around.


Battery life lasts up to 11 hours, which is great. The price is relatively average, but the Beat Powerbeats Pro still qualifies for the upcoming best earbuds for iPhone 6.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sennheiser Momentum True

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Finally, the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headset is perfect for connecting with the iPhone. A great, slim design that doesn’t overhang. This wireless headset gives you the most comfortable wearing, without being affected by the protrusion.



Sennheiser Momentum can extremely well cancel out noise, if your budget allows, get a pair right away to feel the great sound features. Sennheiser Momentum has very good sound control, there is no other noise that can distract you.


Battery life lasts up to 7 hours on a single charge. The rest depends on your choice.

Pick For The Best

So which headphones to choose? There are too many top choices, right. The reality is very clear. You should prioritize sound issues like the Apple AirPods Pro if the budget isn’t an issue for you. On the contrary, Sennheiser Momentum is the 2nd best choice for you.


If I miss out on one of your favorite headphones, leave a comment below so we can add more complete reviews.


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