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In this list of best bluetooth earbuds you will get a lot of useful information. Referring to bluetooth headsets is to refer to the device used to listen to the phone, listen to music, compact, wireless, very convenient. If in the past, listening to the phone or enjoying music, you needed to have headphones with a cord that connected directly to the device via the 3.5mm port or USB-C. But now bluetooth headsets have solved the problems that traditional headphones have.

A Bluetooth earbud is a wireless music player that uses bluetooth technology. You can connect to smart devices easily to use without tangled wires like regular headphones. If you are a technology enthusiast, you will surely know this product line. So what types of bluetooth earbud are there?


Mono: This is a type of wearing only one ear, application to make calls. The product has a compact and very fashionable design, so it is very popular.

Stereo: This is a type with 2 earphones, providing a super music listening experience.

The great advantages that Bluetooth headsets bring

Why are wireless headphones so popular? Check out the outstanding advantages that the product brings.

1. Wireless headphones for user comfort

For those who often use headphones, it is definitely necessary to have a headset that feels comfortable to use. Because many lines of headphones, after using for many hours, make the ears moist and painful. Wireless headphones were born, providing a comfortable experience for users, conquering many customers even the most demanding customers.


2. Wireless headphones deliver great sound quality.

Thanks to the sound levels, bass, treble and many more great things… And only when you experience it yourself will you truly feel the sound quality of these headphones.


3. High battery life of bluetooth headset

Modern wireless headphones can meet the needs of users for up to 10 hours. Therefore, the high battery life is also a great advantage to help attract users.


4. Reasonable price wireless headphones

The price of the bluetooth headset is considered to be not too expensive, suitable for the user’s pocket. The price is reasonable but brings modern features and great experiences. Well worth owning, right?


However, consumers need to be careful when choosing to buy. Do not buy cheap products because of the desire to buy products of unknown origin and poor quality. Even after using it for a while, it is damaged.

Quick Comparison: Best earbuds bluetooth

The following table has listed best earbuds bluetooth currently, you can buy right now:

Best earbuds bluetooth
Best earbuds bluetooth
Best earbuds bluetooth
Best earbuds bluetooth
Best earbuds bluetooth

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On the general list of the best bluetooth earbuds, you can choose to shop quickly by clicking the button next to it. Each bluetooth headset will have a different strength / weakness. Depending on the advantages of each headset will have different prices, you can find out more in-depth reviews below of headphonesay!

Reviews Of Best earbuds bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Truly Wireless

Best earbuds bluetooth

Via Amazon

The first recommendation for the best bluetooth earbuds is the Samsung headset. They have a very compact design, delicate but equally sturdy. Compact design with a weight of only 5.6 grams, SS Galaxy Buds does not create discomfort or inconvenience when used.


Samsung Galaxy Bubs also has quite a lot of colors for users to choose from. All three colors: white, black, and yellow on this headset model are very beautiful and easy to make an impression. With many colors to choose from, users will find it easier to express their personality.


The new product is Samsung applied a lot of new technologies to be able to reproduce the most realistic sound. The most impressive is Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This is the latest Bluetooth standard, which improves sound quality as well as reduces latency.


Besides excellent sound quality, Samsung Galaxy Buds also applies a lot of high-end technologies to bring users great experiences. The Enhanced Ambient Sound feature allows users to hear surrounding sounds while still wearing headphones. This feature helps users not to miss important announcements when in public areas.


Possessing a battery of only 58 mAh, the modern technologies available on Samsung Buds have helped it have very impressive battery life. This battery is enough for users to listen to music for 6 hours continuously or 5 hours of talk. This is a very good battery life for a wireless headset model.

Jabra Elite 85t Truly Wireless

Best earbuds bluetooth

Via Amazon

Going into the design details of the Jabra Elite 85t this is the same in-ear form as the 75t but the 85t is a bit bigger and also heavier with a weight of only 7g. In general, the design remains the same traditional 75T design, still has the elegance of dress and menly. The 85T’s ear-hugging will be closer to the 75T and much tighter.


After upgrading the Sound + application to update the active noise cancellation feature on the headphones, you can now compare the 85T vs 75T more clearly. Jabra Elite 85T can cancel active noise better than the passive of the previous 75T series.


Jabra Elite 85T is thicker than 75T but more comfortable to wear and still close to the ear. When I turned off the active noise canceling mode on the app, my feeling was comfortable and not as mysterious as the 75t. This means that the passive noise protection will now be less than 75T. In return, active noise cancellation uses back-feedback sound reproduction technology, so it has very good noise isolation, because it was used on the Sony WF-1000XM3, so I feel the noise cancellation is clearer and more sealed.


One more innovative feature that 75T does not have is connecting to 2 phones at the same time. To connect at the same time, you just need to temporarily turn off the old device’s bluetooth and then connect the 85T with the new device to be able to use both devices with the headset. However, when there is an incoming call or listening to music, we can only use it on one device.


Compared to Jabra 75T, 85T has a lower waterproof score, reaching only IPX4, while on Elite 75t it is IP55. This means that the company has reduced the sportiness of the 85T product. Music can be heard continuously for 7 hours (without ANC) on each headset and reaches 5.5 hours when active noise cancellation ANC is turned on.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus

Best earbuds bluetooth

Via Amazon

Next in the best bluetooth earbuds is the outstanding Cambridge Melomania 1 model with a bullet-shaped, elongated design and each ear has only 1 physical button to control operations such as voice (holding the key on the right earbud is increasing, left earbud is down), volume, playback, receive and reject calls, as well as activate Siri or Google Assistant.


Battery life of up to 9 hours of continuous use with only two True-Wireless headphones, along with a charging case that can fully charge the headset for 4 more times for a total use time of up to 45 hours. With what promises, this headset model will be the True-Wireless model with the longest battery life on the market today, up to twice as high as its competitors.


In addition, this headset model is equipped with IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof standard so that users can use it for gym, jogging or use in rainy conditions. In terms of connectivity standards, it is also quite good with a product in the mid-range segment with Bluetooth 5.0 standard and AAC and aptX codecs and a connection distance of up to 30m.


Inside the two tiny True-Wireless headphones is a driver with a 5.8mm diameter graphene diaphragm, weighing 4.6g, hand-designed by Cambridge engineers with the stiffness and toughness of the graphene film. Users can have stable quality conversations thanks to Melomania using Qualcomm’s cVc (Clear Voice Capture) advanced noise-cancelling microphone built into the headset.

Sennheiser CX 400BT

Best earbuds bluetooth

Via Amazon

Sennheiser CX 400BT headphones have an elegant, neat design, the weight of the headset is extremely light, only about 6g. Combined with an ergonomic design for a long-wearing experience that is still very comfortable, well fixed even when there is strong movement such as when jogging or doing sports.


Sennheiser CX400BT true wireless headphones are equipped with bluetooth 5.1 and SBC, AAC, aptX™ codecs for a very fast and smooth connection experience, no connection flicker when in use, signal delay is also very low.


The touch control system on the CX 400BT wireless headset helps users play, pause music, switch songs, increase or decrease the volume, activate virtual assistants. All very complete, just with extremely easy touches.


Regarding battery life, the CX 400BT headset can play music for 7 hours in a row, and when combined with the charging case, it increases to 20 hours. This is an extremely reasonable battery life, meeting the needs of listening to music with high intensity. Unfortunately, Sennheiser is not equipped with a fast charging feature to shorten the time to fully charge the dock and the headset.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Best earbuds bluetooth

Via Amazon

Last on the list of best bluetooth earbuds is the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, which are the world’s most effective noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Thanks to a combination of patented active and passive noise cancellation innovations.


Every detail as well as earplug material is maximized. With Bose’s new StayHear® Max tip design, every surface that comes in contact with your ear is made of soft silicone. You can wear headphones all day long without discomfort, ear pain.


Instead of using physical buttons that cause many difficulties for compact headset products. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are equipped with an intuitive touch interface system. You will control everything with extremely simple gestures.


IPX4 water resistance helps protect your headphones from water splashing on them from any direction. Feel free to use them when you are exercising. You can comfortably wear them out in the rain, snow, sleet or hail without worrying about damage.


Bose QuietComfort headphones provide 6 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. Up to 12 hours with the charging case included. You can also fast charge with just 15 minutes of charging and you have 2 hours of use right away. The charging box is constructed of a hard plastic shell, compact in size so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Pick For The Best

Almost in the list of best bluetooth earbuds, we have successfully compiled the most popular and highly ranked wireless headphones in the latest time. Excellent sound quality gives you a great music experience all day without getting bored.


Of course, there will be some people who have not made a choice or are confused. We have a small suggestion of Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ Earbuds for you. Looking at them, this pair of headphones is quite good in all aspects and especially priced to match the user’s wallet.

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