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Guide to buying the best audiophile over ear headphones. There is a huge selection of headphones on the market, and many are packed with tons of high-tech. But what if you just want the purest/clearest audio listening experience? Please read this review.

The following table has listed best audiophile over ear headphones currently, you can buy right now:

best audiophile over ear headphones
best audiophile over ear headphones
best audiophile over ear headphones
best audiophile over ear headphones
best audiophile over ear headphones

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Are you looking for headphones that support good music? Or are you looking for the perfect balance for extra precision music? If you want more technology to your mix, you can choose from audiophile speakers that combine modern noise cancellation technology with modern sound.


So what do you need to consider when buying the best audiophile over ear headphones? Take a look at the summary list above, we’ve compiled them successfully. In addition, if you do not have a high demand in music, you can learn more about the best headphones under 200 article.

Reviews Of Best Audiophile Over Ear Headphones


best audiophile over ear headphones

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Philips Fidelio X2 has a large diaphragm, up to 50mm, this is the size only very high-end headphones can be equipped with. The X2 has undergone a lot of rigorous testing and selection by Philips engineers to create a balanced overall sound quality, bouncing, round, full bass while the high range is up to, without distortion. Pumpkin and midrange are smooth, deep, and clear.


Fidelio X2’s driver is equipped with an exclusive Philips technology called Layered Motion Control. This technology will mitigate the hype in high-frequency oscillations, which are the cause of harsh mids and super highs. The driver of the Fidelio X2 is also offset by 15 degrees to create a natural hearing mechanism of the human ear when the driver and the human ear are in the same direction. This will widen the soundstage, give a more accurate picture, and especially minimize the echoes on the inner wall of the headset.


In addition, the equipment in terms of appearance such as metal frame, the combination of leather and metal also brings a strange, luxurious and rustic look to the Fidelio X2. Personally, when I listen to the singer’s voice through these headphones, I feel like I’m listening to him sing live…

Philips SHP9500

best audiophile over ear headphones

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Philips audio company always gives users extremely quality products because the products they launch are all about sound quality that is most important, always aiming for a balanced sound quality, a little bit thorny. in the high midrange, always performing extremely well with many tracks that require high processing


The Philips SHP9500 headset on its own is a full-size over-ear design with beautiful design features, without a fault on the design array, it is almost absolutely perfect.


The ear cushions of the Philips SHP9500 Headphones are made to perfection with high-grade durability, made of extremely breathable soft fabric, this is an extremely perfect plus, if used with leather material, over time. Time will peel off and have to be replaced quite expensively for the user, and thanks to such a soft fabric material, it promises to give the user an extremely smooth wearing feeling, without being hot or uncomfortable. Fatigue, absolute earache.


Philips SHP9500 headphones use a 3m-long detachable cord and a 3.5mm-6.3mm transfer jack that makes it easy for users to carry and move anywhere the user wants.


best audiophile over ear headphones

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HD660S has a simple, practical design. At a glance, it is quite similar to the HD600/650 series, but there are still small differences to distinguish it from its senior products. The most visible is the mesh on the back, the paint shell and the driver texture.


The coating on the headband has also been reworked by Sennheiser more carefully to prevent peeling after a period of use or for people who sweat a lot, solving the annoying problem of appearance that was once on the HD600/650.


Gentle wearing feeling, comes with an elliptical earcup design that covers the ear with just enough pressure. The earpad of the headset is quite thick, enhances sound tightness, worn in an air-conditioned room, it does not feel uncomfortable, hot or clogged. HD660S has a weight of only 290g, which is light.


HD 660 S has a crispy bass, more tension and speed, the midrange is still sweet, soft, but clear and delicate, accompanied by treble if compared to the previous 2 seniors, it has more energy, High fidelity, spacious sound field, comfortable.


The HD660 S has a pretty good overall sound quality and is at a reference level for headphones ranging from 20 million or so, the overall sound is quite flexible and flexible, making it attractive to even experienced audiophiles.


best audiophile over ear headphones

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Keeping the high-end planar magnetic driver, the most notable changes of the HE1000 V2 include a shorter and more curved headband design to accommodate a variety of head sizes, a thicker earpad with a smooth polyester surface, and also angled to increase the size of the head. increase sound tightness as well as wearing comfort. The headphone cable is replaced with a cable with a silver-coated copper crystal core.


When held in hand, the first point that will make users notice will be the light weight with a more curved headband, which is easy to hold and does not make the earcup loose if the user has a habit of holding the headset in the headband. The headset’s headband is also made wider and slightly more curved to fit many head sizes while providing moderate pressure on both sides of the earcup.


The Hifiman HE1000SE (Review) is an exceptional set of planar magnetic headphones packed with exclusive technologies that make them sound great.


They use a separate baffle system near the diaphragm, which reduces distortion and provides a purer reproduction of the parent material.


Build quality is superb and Hifiman continues to improve and refine its headphone designs to the point where the HE1000 series is one of the best looking models on the market.


The comfort is also one of the best in its class as it has a very light design combined with nice material at the points of contact with your head. The open back allows for both breathability and a spacious soundstage.


best audiophile over ear headphones

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The product has extremely detailed sound quality and a wide soundstage thanks to planar magnetic diaphragm technology. Not only that, the Monolith M1060 also has a full picture, low distortion and harmonious sound, extremely suitable for audiophiles in particular as well as music lovers in general.


The headset is equipped with a “terrible” 106mm driver with planar magnetic technology that provides extremely detailed and realistic sound quality. The diaphragm part of the driver is a flat diaphragm surrounded by magnets, so the vibrations transmitted to the diaphragm will be more uniform, providing strong bass and almost completely eliminating distortion.


The product has a high level of convenience and is quite comfortable to wear thanks to the redesigned earpad and headband. The headset’s headband is made of leather with small creases on the surface to help breathe and not stick to the hair when worn for a long time. The earpad part is machined from smooth leather that gently presses on the ear when worn and does not cause skin irritation at all.

Pick For The Best

The SENNHEISER HD 660 S headphones will not disappoint the music enthusiast or working in audio environments. They provide maximum support for work, help increase development efficiency and produce the best quality audio products.


In our best audiophile over ear headphones article, we spent a lot of time compiling this list. Hopefully, you can find the right headphones!


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