Avantree HT4189 Review – New Update Month Headphonesay

Are you looking for Avantree HT4189 headphones? The earphones are renowned for the best battery life at a reasonable price. How much is not enough to evaluate the overview of this headset. Follow headphonesay’s article below today!

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Anvantree HT4189 Review?

What’s special about Anvantree HT4189 headphones? They’re great for quick and easy Bluetooth connections, and we had no problems testing the connection. Low audio delay, folding design with 2 distinct color tones, unique and fancy.


The design of the Avantree HT4189 is so durable and lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing headphones when using them. The controls are conveniently placed and easy to find, with this design. We can take the Avantree HT4189 anywhere.

Avantree HT4189

When watching movies and playing games are ideal, the built-in bass feature gives you the freedom to choose what’s right for the moment. The headband can be adjusted to fit your head size if you feel uncomfortable.


Are there too many benefits from the Avantree HT4189 headphones? Headphones are known for their incredible “closeness” to the user, allowing you to watch TV, play games or work…with a rich audio experience and clear treble. Audio/gaming lovers will love this Avantree HT4189.

Avantree HT4189

Battery life is also outstanding up to 40h, far ahead of the rest of the competition on this point. In addition, you can use an additional 3.5mm cable if you want to save battery power. If you bring Avantree HT4189 with your travels/resorts, you can’t fault it.


With the NFC feature you won’t miss a call at all. With a reasonable price for everyone, this Avantree HT4189 is well worth your investment and long-term use.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully headphonesay’s Avantree HT4189 review can be of help to you. They’re amazing how they can be used for different purposes without a hitch. If you are a person who is both passionate about gaming and music, this Avantree HT4189 headset should not be missed!

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