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Audiophile headphone review will help you understand more about this type of headset. It can be said that the audiophile world almost always carries a certain level of “chills” when it comes to these headphones.


Headphonesay would like to introduce to readers a few “real” audiophile headphones that can be praised for both sound quality and appearance.

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Audiophile Headphone Review Sony MDR-1000X:

audiophile headphone review

Sony MDR-1000X

Sony’s audio array in recent years has always had two opposing trends: on the one hand, Sony is very diligent in investing in Hi-Res audio technologies. On the other hand, Sony is also moving away from open headphone designs (typical of the audiophile world) and instead focuses on user experience elements.


MDR-1000X is the convergence of these two factors. In terms of sound quality, the MDR-1000X delivers a more vibrant and engaging sound than rival Bose QC35, who has long held the throne of noise-canceling headphones. In terms of experience, the MDR-1000X has good noise cancellation, making it comfortable to wear.


In terms of appearance, the MDR-1000X is the pinnacle of the minimalist trend that has been pursued by Sony for many years. The matte plastic layers combine harmoniously with the metal lines on the headband to form an extremely luxurious and elegant whole.

Audiophile Headphone Review Master & Dynamics MH40:

audiophile headphone review

Master & Dynamics MH40

Still very young compared to Sony and Sennheiser, but Master & Dynamics MH40 has made its mark with MH40. This headset has almost no minus point: warm sound but still detailed, comfortable wearing feeling, excellent workmanship to the point of “stone pot“.


In terms of design, the MH40 is reminiscent of ancient headphones through very clear imitation leather, plastic and metal qualities. In the midst of a forest of plastic earphones designed in a youthful style, MH40 will surely make you stand out thanks to its retro appearance.


After MH40, Master & Dynamics also launched another wireless headset model with a similar design. Unfortunately, the MW60 is simplified in many details compared to the MH40, so it is not really as impressive as the senior.

Audiophile Headphone Review Sennheiser HD1 Pink Floyd Edition:

audiophile headphone review

Sennheiser HD 1

Nearly the entire Sennheiser HD1 portfolio is undergoing a makeover. The HD4.20s are proof that Sennheiser’s low-end headphones are no longer ugly. The HD820 has a more aggressive look than the two seniors, and the HD5x9 is still as elegant.


But perhaps the pinnacle of Sennheiser’s design must still belong to the Momentum line, the first “fashion-oriented” headphone line that Sennheiser launched many years ago. The latest version of Momentum is “HD1 Pink Floyd Edition“, released by the German sound company to celebrate the contributions of the legendary rock band from England. Due to being recycled from Momentum 2, the sound of HD1 Pink Floyd is still high-end and “gentle” in the way of Sennheiser: overall warm, slightly “veiled“, treb is bright but humming, not dazzling.


It’s not exactly the right sound quality for Rock music in general, but it will certainly suit the vast gloomy space of Dark Side of the Moon – the legendary album that has imprinted on the design of HD1 Pink Floyd. Combined with an embroidered faux leather headband and “rainbow” colors that blend on the surface of the ears, Sennheiser’s latest Momentum model is a great reminder of the old Progressive Rock era.

Audiophile Headphone Review Audio Technica ATH-L3000:

audiophile headphone review

Audio Technica ATH-L3000

As a headphone company with a number of products not inferior to Sennheiser, the Audio Technica catalog also includes many impressive “beauties” with wooden or polished metal cases. However, the title of Miss AT definitely belongs to ATH-L3000.


The reason is simple: Audio Technica ATH L3000 is probably the only headset that uses leather as its design principle. Leather-wrapped pad, leather-wrapped headband and even the 2 ear buds are covered with leather by the famous Connolly brand. In terms of sound quality, the smooth appearance of the L3000 comes with an overall warm sound and plenty of bass.


Unfortunately, Audio Technica only produces about 500 versions of the ATH-L300, of which only 50 are available in blue-gray. Hunting this beauty will probably be an impossible task for the audio followers of 2022.

Above is the Audiophile headphone review article we have compiled with more than 100 different headphones. You can have more information to choose the right headset.


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