Acousticsheep Sleepphones Reviews and User Guides

Acousticsheep Sleepphones was first introduced in 2018, although it has been 3 years, this product of Sleepphones from the US is still well received by many customers.

Today Headphonesay will dedicate an Acousticsheep Sleepphones Reviews article about this product as well as a guide to using Acousticsheep Sleepphones to help users experience this product in the best way.


The American company Sleepphones released a headband-shaped headset (a scarf tied across the forehead, wrapped around the head …) called AcousticSheep Daily Mail said, AcousticSheep looks like a headband, inside is integrated a type of ear Ultra-small headset, Bluetooth connection with a smart device, helps the wearer feel most comfortable even when lying on their side. The price of each of these headband headphones is about 100 USD.

SleepPhones are worn like a headband, so you don’t get tangled up in cables while you’re sleeping, or uncomfortable wearing deep-buds like most wireless headphones. SleepPhones use Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet so you can enjoy the most comfortable music. Simply wrap them around your head like a headband. SleepPhones can also replace small external speakers.

Design of Acousticsheep Sleepphones


Sure, it looks like a headband. Acousticsheep Sleepphones are made of Breeze fabric or fleece fabric is made from fleece, so when you use it, you will feel warm, very suitable for use in cold winter or use in air-conditioned rooms. This product usually comes in 2 colors, which are gray-brown and blue.

There is a slightly inconvenient obstacle when experiencing this product that is the position of the control buttons, as well as their size is relatively small, so it will take time to manipulate if you are not familiar. But this is nothing compared to a product that helps you have a good night’s sleep.

Sound quality

I expected decent sound at the price SleepPhones are sold at, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was VERY surprised at the quality of sound those little speakers put out. To get the full effect, you really do need to make sure you have them positioned over your ears well. You can still hear them if they are shifted a bit to the front or back, but it’s very obvious when you have them sitting over your ears correctly.

Because the headband and system design is practically weightless on your head, you really get a surround sound feel. I have a pair of wireless earbuds I use when mowing the lawn and such, but it’s very obvious they are there due to how they sit within my ear, but with SleepPhones it sort of feels like you are sitting in a room with a well-designed sound system since you can’t really feel the headband or speakers.

The power button also serves as a bass button of all things, and the difference is slight but noticeable. I found no complaints with sound quality as it was crisp and clear without distortion of any kind.

The SleepPhone’s sound quality is on par with, if not a bit worse, than the Apple EarPods that come with the iPhone and this is considered one of the best earbuds for ASMR.

User Guides Acousticsheep Sleepphones

Bring Acousticsheep Sleepphones EFFORTLESS

1 Hold the headphones, you’ll notice a fl sign on the speaker – one on each side – inside the headband.

2 Place the headband on your head (the tag is on the back of your head).

3 When the headband is on, adjust the speakers so that they are placed directly above your ears. This will ensure excellent sound quality.


Using Acousticsheep Sleepphones


Power on: Press and hold the center button for 5 seconds

Volume: Click the arrow to increase or decrease the volume

Skip tracks: Double-click the arrow to skip tracks

Pause play: Click the center button once to play or pause Power off Press and hold the center square button on the Bluetooth® Module for 3 seconds until you hear a fading sound through the speaker.

Pair your headphones

1 Remove the Bluetooth® module from the hook and loophole on the back of the headband.

2 Hold down the square button for 5 seconds until you hear a rising tone through the speaker, followed by a series of double beeps and a fast flashing red light. Must be within 3 feet (1 meter) of your device.

3 On your device, make sure Bluetooth® is turned on. Search for ‘ACOUSTICSHEEP’ and select double. Pairing may take up to 30 seconds.


Charging instructions battery

1 Assemble the charging mechanism (micro-USB to Acousticsheep Sleepphones base*, USB to wall adapter**) and plug the USB adapter into a wall outlet. Your Acousticsheep Sleepphones base will have a solid orange light indicating that it is ready for use.

2 Place your Acousticsheep Sleepphones headband on the base with the module inside, the buttons facing down, and the plug facing in opposite directions.

3 Your Acousticsheep Sleepphones are charged when the light on the base is solid green (it will take about 3 hours to fully charge).


Instructions for washing headbands


1 Open the hook and loop on the back of the headband to reveal the speaker components inside the headband.

2 Remove the Bluetooth® module and then reach in to remove the speakers one by one from the headband.

3 After you have removed the speaker, you can machine wash the headband.

4 Reassemble the speakers one at a time and move each speaker about four inches from the hook and open loops on either side of the headband.

    • Right speaker has red stitching.

  • The lighter gray face should face the ear.

5 Then, insert the Bluetooth® module into the headband and close the hook and loophole.


When disconnecting the cord, grasp and pull the plug and not the cord. Do not leave the ingredients in the headband wet or dirty.

Wash the headband regularly (remove all components before washing).

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