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Let’s follow the following 5 wireless earbuds audiophile. They will deliver the clearest and most accurate audio experience. For audiophiles, it will be an excellent “assistant” next to it!

The following table has listed wireless earbuds audiophile currently, you can buy right now:

wireless earbuds audiophile
wireless earbuds audiophile
wireless earbuds audiophile
wireless earbuds audiophile
wireless earbuds audiophile

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Above is a list of wireless earbuds audiophile you can refer to and shop quickly, below are in-depth reviews of each use, function, advantage … of each type of audiophile headset. In addition, you can also find models that suit your wallet from cheap to expensive.

Reviews Of Wireless Earbuds Audiophile

Sennheiser Game Zero

wireless earbuds audiophile

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The headset is famous for its high-quality sound, originating from a German audio company.


Sennheiser Game Zero headset has a slightly large structure and many border details that attract the attention of many people. Earcup of Sennheiser G4ME ZERO is made with an elongated form, best suited to the wearer’s ear shape, on the earcup surface, we will have ribbed details that make the headset really strong.


According to many reviews, Sennheiser G4ME ZERO offers a really comfortable, smooth and comfortable wearing feeling, the earpad cushions combined with the headband cushion combine to create a very good experience, wearing for a long time will No feeling of lump and pain.


Sennheiser G4ME ZERO is highly appreciated and strongly developed features related to conversation as well as sound reproduction in the game. The mic of this Sennheiser headset can filter out background noise, helping you hear the best conversation.

Master & Dynamic MW65

wireless earbuds audiophile

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The second suggestion in the list of wireless earbuds audiophile is the newly introduced MW65 headset model that has a similar design language to its predecessor model MW60, combining genuine sheepskin material with a high-grade aluminum frame to help the wearers stay comfortable. Master & Dynamic’s ears always feel luxurious when worn.


MW65 is equipped with a dedicated button for intelligent virtual assistant. Although the MW65 is optimized for Google Assistant, users can still use Siri on iOS. There is also a button to adjust the different levels of active noise overlap.


Master & Dynamic MW65 uses Bluetooth 4.2 standard with a connection distance of up to about 20m. Music playback time of MW65 is up to 24 hours continuously. At the same time, this headset is also capable of fast charging up to 50% of the battery capacity with just 15 minutes of charging.

HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones

wireless earbuds audiophile

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We like the comfort that Hifiman Sundara brings, which can solve the anxiety problem for those who often work when wearing headphones for a long time such as: music production, game livestream, etc.


The design of Hifiman Sundara headphones is not only beautiful but also highly aesthetic. The headband is super soft and durable, and the earphones are wrapped in a premium material that can resist sweat. For those who are nearsighted, it is not difficult for Hifiman Sundara headphones.


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The cable is sturdy but a bit short, overall these headphones are amazing and amazing. Reasonable balanced sound quality, clear bass and warm treble. Conventional headsets are chosen for professional gaming use.


wireless earbuds audiophile

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Sennheiser HD660S is housed in a foam-lined box according to the high-end product standards of Sennheiser hiend headphones. The box size is quite superficial and luxurious with black velvet color.

Accessories that come with the headset include 1 detachable cable with 6.5 mm 5-pin jack, 1 detachable cable with 4.4mm balanced jack and 1 3.5mm-to-6.35mm adapter.


Sennheiser HD660S has a simple design, quite crude but luxurious looking quite similar to the HD600/500 series. The mesh on the back is painted on the case where you can see the huge driver structure inside. Even the headband has been reworked more carefully to prevent scratches on the housing, so the headset is very durable.


With a large driver size, the earcup is quite large with an elliptical shape that covers the earlobes with just enough pressure. The earpad of the headset is produced quite thickly, increasing the soundproofing level worn in the hot summer, it is hot to know, and it is recommended that everyone use it in an air-conditioned room.


The sound quality of the HD 660 S series depends entirely on the mapping to produce a different sound quality. With this line of headphones, you can’t just plug in an Iphone or a laptop, a normal music player to listen.


With the precision and separation of the Chord line, the HD660s’ bass is much in volume and still has a roundness. Mid is warm and accurate, listening honestly feels like listening to a live singer.

Treble becomes quite smooth, bright sound, more flexible. When listening to music with brass instruments such as trumpet or saxophone, the sound is very sharp and smooth, while with the treble range of the violin line, the sound is quite smooth and smooth, and it sounds deep and emotional.


wireless earbuds audiophile

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One more headset that has been included in the list of wireless earbuds audiophile is the ThieAudio Legacy 5 headset with eye-catching textures and colors. They are considered a stylish accessory when combined with everyday clothes for work/sports/walking


The ThieAudio Legacy 5 headphones feature 5 drivers per side and exclusive 10mm nano-diaphragm drivers that deliver impressive sound. Legacy’s sound is clear, smooth and dramatic. Combined with the stage songs the output is very impressive.

Pick For The Best

Headphonesay’s review is based on experience and time evaluating each pair of headphones to compile this list of wireless earbuds audiophile. Overall, you get the best 5 audiophile headphones, each offering a different experience. If you are hesitating to choose an audiophile headset. Try using the Master & Dynamic MW65!


Their sound quality is great and comfortable. Includes many other interesting features during your use.

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