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Currently, earbuds are used quite commonly, bringing convenience to users of phones, laptops as well as other electronic devices. But not all headphones are good, to choose the right one you need to own first is a lot of time and money, right?

Through this article 5 Best Earbuds Under 2500, we will help you choose the best headphones and suitable for your needs. See more related articles here:

The current line of in-ear headphones – whether wired or wireless, in terms of design is classified into 2 types: in-ear and earbuds. 

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The in-ear type, because it is placed deep in the ear, will produce better bass sound and better noise cancellation, so now most True Wireless headphones aim to improve sound quality and technology. noise canceling all use this design. Besides, because there is a rubber cushion around the speaker and this cushion also has many different sizes, just change the appropriate cushion size and anyone can wear the in-ear headphones.


The type of earbuds because they only stick to the outside of the ear, so when you wear them, you will feel less hot when you wear them. Due to poor noise resistance, this design is currently only selected by brands specializing in the production of sports headphones.


In addition, this design is also quite picky about users, usually those with small ear canals will not be able to fit the earbuds into the ear, but for those who use it, wearing this type will be more comfortable than in-ear. so many

Quick Comparison:  Top 5 Best Earbuds Under 2500

The following table has listed the 5 best earbuds currently, you can buy right now:


                                                          All Image Above Via Amazon

The common feature that many people choose from the above headphones is because of the compact convenience that can be carried anywhere. Smart features can touch, with virtual assistant maximum support for your work. Plus pairing is quick and easy.


We have listed 5 of the best earbuds you can check the price or see the reviews inside. To understand more details about each feature of the headset. Read on below!

Reviews Of 5 Best Earbuds Under 2500

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8


Via Amazon

A little test by dropping the internal headphone case a couple of times, I was quite surprised by its quality. Not only is the box not too clearly scratched, but more than that, the headset remains still, undamaged on the inside.


The balance and neutral make Beoplay E8 2.0 suitable for almost any genre of music.

Charging the headset becomes extremely simple by simply placing the case containing the headset on top of the Qi charging pad and after about 2 hours the headset is ready to use.

The left ear activates Ambient Noise mode, pausing the music so you can hear outside sounds without removing the headset. It will be suitable every time you need to cross the street without wanting to remove your headphones for example.


Unfortunately, even though I did and thought that I found the best earbuds, sometimes the headphones fell out of my ears when I ran. Luckily, the material used to make the headset is quite good, sturdy and can withstand falling onto concrete.


Of course, it will be difficult to find a perfect sized headset because the ear sizes of each person are different so I don’t think this is a problem too important

1MORE ColorBuds


Via Amazon

During a period of silence over the past year, 1More is looking to reclaim the position of best earbuds price by improving its products.

With this 1More Colorbuds wireless headset, the audience will probably love the beauty and the newness.

We appreciate the 1More Colorbuds not only for its looks, but for its premium sound and clearer clarity. We tested in many different environments, but the results were really amazing.

And of course, the 1More Colorbuds headphones also come with a pocket-sized charging case that makes it easy to use anywhere and anytime. This design when you put it on the ear will be like filling the defects of the ears. Very comfortable and snug, doesn’t stick out of your ears, which will limit your drop off ..

1More Color Buds also support 4 microphones combined with cVc 8.0 environmental noise cancellation.

When you do not continue using the headset, you just remove it, the music will automatically pause until you put it back on.

One more point we have listed is that Color Buds are very sweat and water resistan

EarFun Air Pro


Via Amazon

Although EarFun’s most advanced True Wireless headphones, with a lot of advanced technology, EarFun Air Pro still retains a moderate price, not too expensive. The feature that many people expect the most is QuietSmart – EarFun’s advanced hybrid active noise canceling technology with the ability to block up to 38dB of outside noise thanks to the 6-microphone system, helping users. Enjoy sound in silence.


These headphones are IPX5 waterproof, suitable for use when going to exercise, going in the rain or getting splashed.

Integrated with a large battery, EarFun Air Pro provides independent use of up to 9 hours, up to 32 hours when used with the charging case. Accompanied by fast charging technology 10 minutes of charging can continue to use within the next 2 hours.

 Inside the Air Pro are proximity sensors, which can automatically mute music every time the user takes the headset out of his ear. Besides, users can also use each ear independently to talk.


Although there are many advantages, these headphones do not have many colors for you to choose from.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Via Amazon

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2: The second generation headset after the success of Soundcore Liberty Air with a lot of valuable upgrades, inheriting the highly regarded sound quality of the previous generation.

At first glance, Liberty Air 2 has a similar shape to Apple Airpods. However, the difference is that it has a noise-canceling design with more sealed silicon tips that help better sound insulation, so it is quite easy to stick to fingerprints. Compact design box for easy pocket. The headphones are IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistant.


The charging case is sturdy and has magnets for locking and protecting the headphones. There are 3 LEDs on the front that show the remaining battery capacity of the charging box. Good ear grip, soft curves, no ear lines.


Liberty Air 2 earphones for call management are completely controlled by the right ear. You can answer / end calls with 1 touch, hold call, tap twice, reject / forward calls (touch and hold for 2 seconds).

Liberty Air 2 is fully charged after 4 hours. Headphones equipped with fast charging only 10 minutes of charging provide up to 2 hours of music playback. In addition, the headset can automatically switch to standby mode when not in use, so it saves battery life quite well.


Via Amazon

Lypertek Tevi is boxed quite simply but equally modern, we will have a cardboard box with the front is made of transparent material. The headset is easy to see right from the shell. Inside the box, we’ll have: a pair of Lypertek Tevi housing, charging case, padded tips and charging cable.

We appreciate the compactness and modernity, and the Lypertek Tevi housing is small and fits easily into any user’s ear. Along with that are the soft beveled lines, creating charm for the headset.


Lypertek Tevi owns a powerful configuration, with Qualcomm’s connection chip, the headset that supports the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity standard, along with the leading codecs AptX and AAC, helping to deliver quality audio

Lypertek Tevi battery life is a very remarkable thing, the battery equipped in the housing allows the headset to be used continuously for 10 hours.

Also, to increase the efficiency of Lypertek Tevi, the company has also equipped with IPX7 waterproof standard, so that you can absolutely use the headset comfortably in wet conditions.

Pick For The Best

Through a detailed review of the best earbuds inside this article, we think that you can find the most suitable headphones, right? Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 or 1MORE ColorBuds is not a bad choice at all.

Frequently asked questions

1.     Are Earbuds Noise Canceling?

With a design that only sticks to the outside of the ear, the earbuds are less soundproof, the sound may be affected by external noise, so the noise resistance is weaker than other types of headphones.


2.     Do Earbuds have bluetooth connectivity?

Most current earbud products are manufactured with true wireless technology and connect by Bluetooth, capable of connecting to most iOS or Android phone and computer devices.

3.     Are Earbuds waterproof?

Depending on the low-cost or high-end product line, the Earbuds will have certain waterproof features from medium to high-end such as the impressive IPX5 waterproof standard.


4.     How do we check?

We test headphones and earphones the way ordinary people live.


We run every pair of headphones through a rigorous multi-day process. That includes playing them in all kinds of scenarios – be it on the bus, in the listening room or at the office – and playing them back from a wide range of sources. We know most people use their headphones with smartphones, which often have lower quality MP3 resolution tracks, so we check that too.


However, we also go for high-resolution audio files, as well as a variety of sources, including plugging directly into a PC or Mac, using a USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter), and Using dedicated high quality portable music player and amplifier. Finally, we compare the earbuds to some of our bundled models, both in terms of class and price point, as well as one or two above to find out if they can beat their weight.


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