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Five years ago, my grandmother was constantly having difficulty sleeping and this greatly affected her health. I looked for ways to improve this, and by chance a friend showed me the ASMR headset experience. It really works, I have used it and I appreciate this ASMR headset.


Now, I’ve had it reviewed enough and will list the 5 best earbuds for ASMR. You can read the instructions and be able to see which headphones are suitable for purchase. This article is sure to help you make the best decision!

The following table has listed the 5 best earbuds for ASMR currently, you can buy right now:


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It is not natural that ASMR has become the target of so many people. Think of a tingling sensation, stimulated by a certain amount of noise, sounds, and images. When all those messages reach your ears at once. This is ASMR!


Surely you think there is not enough reason to convince yourself to own an ASMR headset, right? Or have you bought and used it before? We think there will be quite a few options before for you like: earbuds under 2500 or earbuds under 3000… Even the best Classic Earbuds. But they are still not enough to satisfy you with the sounds inside the playlist!


Also because you haven’t really found the best headphones for ASMR, check out my guides one by one below.

Reviews Of 5 Best Earbuds For ASMR

VANKYO X200 Bluetooth


Via Amazon

This VANKYO X200 headset has a design that is not too unfamiliar to you. However, I will mention a lot about how this headset does to be listed in my 5 Best Earbuds.


First, with Bluetooth V5.0 technology you will have the fastest connection, it does not take much time. Transfer speed is also 2 times faster than other conventional headphones.

If you don’t like sudden disconnection then VANKYO X200 will do you a favor. Connection operation is very simple, you just need to turn on bluetooth and pair with the phone.


The second thing not to be missed is the sound quality. “Vivid & Powerful” are two words I can describe about this headset.


VANKYO X200 is not too impressive about the charging case but also quite pays attention when using a high-end metal case to protect your headphones. So it looks more fashionable.


3500mAH portable charging box lasts up to 7 hours of listening time and 5 hours on a single charge, the total time of using headphones is 120 hours. An impressive battery life. Underneath the headset is a flexible silicone foam that easily adapts to a variety of ear sizes for a comfortable and snug fit. You can rest assured that falling out of your headphones is limited.


In terms of limitations, the VANKYO X200 headphones also make your ears tired easily if worn for a long time. The rest depends on your choice.

IPX7 Waterproof


Via Amazon

In the list of 5 best headphones for ASMR indispensable IPX7 Waterproof headphones. Mini in-ear design. Available in a variety of sizes to choose from, the IPX7 ensures that the headphones are completely comfortable without causing ear pain, and this unique design holds the ears tightly for a more secure and secure fit, avoiding falling out of the ear.

Above the case is an LED screen so you can check the battery life when using.


IPX7 Waterproof headphones have the most realistic and natural sound when you use them. By bass and powerful performance. An additional feature is a high-quality microphone that produces incredible sound quality and much clearer sound.

Controls and parameters connected


IPX7 Waterproof headphones adopt advanced Bluetooth 5.9+ EDR technology, max support A2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRCP / SPP / PBAP and provide better stereo sound in your calls. You can count on reliable, fast connection speeds with no sudden disconnections. Just turn on the connection mode on the phone and connect the device named “ES01”.



Thanks to the charging box design, you can take it anywhere to use it without worrying about unexpected battery drain. 2000mAH charging port and 100h playback time. What I like the most is that apart from the earphones your phone can also be charged.

IP8 Waterproof Earbuds

Via Amazon

IP8 Waterproof headphones are designed like a smart, obedient bug that stays in your ears. The designed charging box with the headset is very convenient for you to use anywhere. Inside the box has a glowing LED effect to help you control how much battery life is.


In the 5 best earbuds for ASMR review, of course, IP8 Waterproof always ensures high-tech and advanced features so you can fully enjoy all types of music with the highest precision and clarity. I think this is the interest of many people who love ASMR.


The IP8’s connectivity is very good and very responsive, you can control many functions such as touch play, stop music, answer calls or hang up, adjust volume, listen to the next song or listen again. previous song. Not too difficult to connect IP8 to your phone, just turn on bluetooth and pair them.


And also it is important to use the IP8 headset including charging case lasts up to 80 hours, your use time is more than a day, too great.


Talking about the suitability, I think that IP8 will combine best with outdoor sports activities, work out all day long without fear of running out of battery because the IP8 is also quite waterproof. The rest depends on your choice.

Wireless Earbuds Mini TWS

Via Amazon

The Mini TWS wireless in-ear headphones are an arc-shaped design idea that makes your ear comfortably worn. You can wear it continuously for many hours without causing ear pain or discomfort. Not easy to fall from ears. You will not have any concern in running, jogging, yoga and high-intensity activities.


If you are looking for a best earbuds for ASMR, the Wireless Earbuds Mini TWS is the perfect choice. Live sound all the way down your spine. Because each melody as well as every sound of the film is very clear, there is no other noise.


Earbuds Mini TWS is very easy to use, you can Bluetooth connect to your phone, and it will connect itself next time if powered on. In addition, two functions to listen to music or answer calls are set up in this headset. You can use both L / R.


Although the battery life is not really long, lasting up to 5 hours of use per charge. But I still quite like the design of this charging box as it serves as a second phone power bank so you will be able to use it when you need to charge another USB device.


I really hope Earbuds Mini TWS will improve even more, with perfect compatibility with almost all devices like iPhone XS / X / 6/7/8/8 Plus Series, iPad 2/3/4 / Air / Pro Series, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 / S9, Galaxy Note 9 Series. The TWS Mini Earbuds do a great job of it. The rest depends on your choice

OFUSHO Bluetooth


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OFUSHO TWS is the world’s most advanced True Wireless Headset designed with outstanding Hi-Fi sound and extremely long playtime. It’s your perfect workout companion with a safe fit and IPX-7 waterproof rating.

OFUSHO TWS’s familiar design is not outstanding. However I have to admit they have improved this headset in terms of functionality quite a bit. The design I hear this earplug is quite soft, suitable for most users.


Thanks to Qualcomm QCC3020 chip technology and Apt-X audio technology, reduce noise and bring out the deepest and most realistic bass sound for you. This makes OFUSHO TWS the best earbuds for ASMR.


Super powerful wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection function, transfer speed up to 2 times compared to another traditional wireless headset. Earbuds auto connection makes pairing much easier.

With this headset you do not need complicated connection, no download or install anything else. You just need to set up the initial setup, then just take the headphones out and they will connect to each other again.


This headset offers an extremely high usage capacity. Lasts up to 152 hours of use with charging case with USB function supporting charging other devices. I appreciate this score and you will definitely enjoy it.


For those who regularly work outdoors, it is easy to sweat or get wet. Then don’t worry, OFUSHO TWS also helps you waterproof IPX7, so you can be assured of outdoor activities even when it rains.

Pick For The Best

Through a detailed review of the headphones inside this article, we think that you can find the most suitable headphones, right? OFUSHO TWS or VANKYO X200 is not a bad choice at all.

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