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Best sony eaphones is a famous brand – where you can find most of the technology items you need from mobile phones, laptops, cameras, televisions, refrigerators to technology accessories such as speakers, chargers, headphones… Sony headphones are highly appreciated for their sophisticated design and great sound quality that it delivers. If you are looking to choose a Sony headset but don’t know which one to buy. Please refer to the best sony earphones worth buying today that Headphonesay shares right below.

The following table has listed best sony earphones currently, you can buy right now:

best sony earphones
best sony earphones
best sony earphones
best sony earphones

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Entertainment needs such as listening to music, playing games, watching movies on phones, computers, tablets, etc… are essential for people today. In order for these activities to become more interesting and attractive, the music and sound background must be really lively and attractive. Quality sound is also a factor to help your spirit be more enthusiastic when using the above utilities. Therefore, technology companies continuously produce audio-supporting products. Especially the headphones!

Reviews Of Best Sony Earphones

Sony Mdr-ex800st Best Sony Earphones

best sony earphones

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The first recommendation of the best sony earphones is the Sony Mdr-ex800st. You will enjoy using them.


Treble: I never cared about this range before, but after using it, I changed my mind about these earphones. It was quite “glaring” when I first bought it, but after using it for 100 hours, it almost completely improved. This Sony Mdr-ex800st treble is very shimmery yet very precise and sharp.


Mid: This Sony Mdr-ex800st headset has a very good mid section, in my opinion it is similar to the shure 530, somewhat better. It sounds “sweet” like honey. Especially the vocal songs. Not impeccably. I listened to Savage Garden’s song “I knew I love you” nearly a dozen times without getting bored.


Bass: I expected the bass of this headset to be quite a lot but not as I expected, its bass is quite good, not excellent. However, it has the quality, the bass is weak but also powerful. Bass is quite round, fully expressed, does not encroach on Mid with Treble.

Sony MDR-EX15LP Best Sony Earphones

best sony earphones

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Sony MDR-EX15AP EP headset headset with modern design is both classic as a best classic earbuds, with 1.2 m cord length, convenient to move when in use. Soft, comfortable in-ear ear cushions, comfortable to wear.


Experience soft to vibrant, powerful music with good sound quality with wide frequency range. Can be used with most phones, tablets and laptops with 3.5mm port.


Sony headphones are equipped with buttons to listen / receive calls, play / stop playing music. Support voice mic for users to communicate with partners and friends in focus and convenience.

Sony MDR-EX450 Best Sony Earphones

best sony earphones

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The sound of the Sony MDR-Ex450 is quite clear, even hearing details like a “light vibration” when moving in the game. The bass is strong and has a moderate depth, which is quite suitable for those who often listen to music or play games.


Compared to the Sennheiser CX300 II headphones, the Sony volume is still good and much more detailed. At the same time, the cost of ownership is also reasonable for many students. However, this headset is not yet widely available and is not noise-canceling if you have that need.

Sony MDRXB50AP Best Sony Earphones

best sony earphones

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Sony’s XB-series is considered to be a line of headphones that bring great bass and is highly appreciated. After a period of silence, Sony has launched a new Extra Bass line with a new design and applied a new technology to this XB series, which is Advance Vibe Structure.


Advance Vibe Structure is an advanced microchip reconstruction technology located inside the earcup. Sony says that this is a completely new technology, promising to deliver clear bass, true to every detail, whether that bass comes from modern or classical music.

Pick For The Best

Obviously sound quality should be your number one priority. Usually many people will ignore the choice of wired headphones, they still have advantages that wireless headphones will not do. In this article, we have searched and helped you better understand the best sony earphones.


From the headphones that we have reviewed in this list, we recommend that you choose the Sony Mdr-ex800st as the best choice to use.

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